The PRmoment Podcast: PR life stories with Bibi Hilton, UK managing director, Golin

This week on the PRmoment podcast I’m pleased to welcome Bibi Hilton, UK managing director at Golin. Here is a flavour of what Bibi and I discuss:

  • Why she has stayed at one agency for so long
  • Why autonomy is important in a networked PR agency
  • Why she likes working for large networked firms
  • Bibi identifies the biggest changes in PR in the last 16 years - and it’s not just spray mount and fax machines!
  • Why the fundamentals of public relations have not changed
  • Bibi marks PR out of 10 for how well it is performing against its marketing peers
  • The lessons 6 years on from restructuring the people within Golin from generalists to specifically skilled communities within the business. In Golin’s case these communities were Strategists, Creators, Connectors and Catalysts.
  • Why Golin’s specialist model lead to the firm having a more diverse workforce
  • Why the high cost of living in London is partly responsible for the talent shortage in PR
  • Whether finding talent has become easier as a result of their specialist structure 
  • Why Bibi believes there is still a lack of opportunities for women in business
  • What are the legacy issues that contribute to the gender pay gap
  • How returnships are a key driver in reducing the gender pay gap
  • Why returnship schemes in PR have not scaled as quickly as hoped
  • What can PR firms do to make flexible working easier
  • Why research suggests that there is a gender paygap even in the early stages of a PR career
  • Why Bibi has never set up her own PR firm
  • Why Bibi believes she experiences a greater breadth of work by working at a large agency
  • Why busy CEOs like Bibi volunteer for groups like Women in PR

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