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Mark Inskip, CEO Kantar UK Media Division, discussing increasingly stretched communication teams, the importance of automation in PR, and AVEs

Today on the PRmoment Podcast I'm talking to Mark Inskip, CEO of Kantar UK’s Media Division about its research revealing the challenges to the comms industry in 2021.

According to the research, there are three big challenges facing the sector today:

  1. The sheer volume of stakeholders comms professionals need to engage with
  2. The challenge of measuring impact in a landscape of highly scrutinized budgets
  3. The increased automation of public relations.

Here’s a summary of what Mark and I discuss:

02.00 mins Why PR teams have become victims of their own success

04.00 mins Why PR is in its teenage years!

04.45 mins How the PR and comms teams that invest in their teams and resources will become the high performing ones

05.20 mins Why PR people must ruthlessly decide their priorities

09.00 mins Why PR and communications leaders will need to say “no” a bit more!

12.00 mins Why too many marketers are prioritising the short term, to the detriment of the long term

14.00 mins The increasing emphasis of internal stakeholders for in-house communicators

16.00 mins Why PR should be proud of the value it creates in building reputation

21.00 mins How do you isolate impact in an integrated campaign?

22.00 mins Why often good measurement is about finding “the proxy’s and a pragmatic solution.”

25.00 mins Mark discusses the role of increased automation in public relations teams

30.00 mins Mark talks about how Kantar is developing its AVE methodology.

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