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Julietta Dexter, founder, The Communications Store discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses and the impact of culture on business

Today on the PRmoment podcast we are chatting with Julietta Dexter who is the Founder and CEO of The Communications Store.

Julietta has recently launched the book ‘Good Company: How to Build a Business without Losing Your Values’ which talks about Julietta’s personal story of lessons learned in the workplace and how to navigate a successful career while holding onto one’s personal beliefs and values.

The Communications Store was founded in 1995, is a privately owned communications firm with an income of £16m and employs 200 people – 180 in London and 20 in the US.

It specialises in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

[00:02:04] How, as a business owner, COVID-19 has taught Juilettta that things don't always go according to plan!

[00:02:20] Why the COVID-19 lockdown has meant Juiletta has had to let go of some of her ambitions, re-envision and remodel. 

[00:02:37] Why you can never communicate well enough in a time of crisis.

[00:03:05] How have fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses been affected by COVID-19 so far? 

[00:05:26] Julietta talks us though why The Communications Store has looked at the UK government’s furloughing scheme but hasn't yet used it.

[00:07:29] How The Communications Store has implemented a 20 percent pay cut across the business in the UK. 

[00:09:07] Why, despite wondering whether the world needs another business book, Julietta decided to write one!

[00:14:16] How do you bring the values of a business to the fore every day?

[00:15:36] Why The Communications store's values are passion, care, strength and wisdom.  

[00:20:58] After 25 years in business Julietta describes herself "as more of what I was. ... I think I've worked out who I am. And I'm perhaps a little bit more confident about knowing who I am and believing in those values a bit deeper. "

[00:22:19] As a firm that services the fashion sector, has there ever been a tension between how some of your clients treat their people and the way treat your employees?

[00:23:16] Why junior people being second class citizens in the workplace is just wrong, particularly now.

[00:25:09] Why the softer skills and emotional intelligence are critical to running a successful business. 

[00:27:53] How emotional intelligence is about understanding those around you and what they are really thinking and feeling.

[00:30:15] Is the reality is a lot softer stuff that creates a good culture was cut back about three weeks ago when the COVID-19 lockdown started?

[00:32:35] What parts of the business world will get back to normal post the COVID-19 crisis and what parts might have changed forever?  

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