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Jo Carr, president of Women in PR, on the PRmoment Podcast

On the PRmoment Podcast today we’re chatting with Jo Carr, the president of Women in PR. Jo is also co-founder of PR agency Hope&Glory.

Women in PR was founded in 1962. So it’s just turned 60!

It has 350 members and the profile of the organisation has grown a lot over the last 10 years or so.

Of all the trade associations in public relations, I’d suggest Women in PR is the one with the greatest momentum currently.

For our international listeners, there is an organisation called Global Women in PR, which has a similar remit.

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2.30 mins Jo talks us through the raison d’etre of Women in PR.

“We are losing legions of brilliant women from our industry. Our (WIPR’s) mission is to increase the number and diversity of women in senior roles across the (PR) industry. We do that through networking and support, through mentoring and campaigning”.

5 mins Jo outlines the barriers stopping women from reaching the most senior roles in public relations: sexism, racism, life stage changes and employer support

“The evidence shows that if…women don’t have an enlightened or progressive employer it can get in the way of their progression.”

6 mins Have PR employers become better employers of women in recent times?

8 mins Jo discusses the importance of having an employer brand in public relations.

9 mins There are about 60,000 women working in PR in the UK, so why do Women in PR only have 350 members?

10 mins Jo talks about what mentorees get out of the Women in PR mentoring scheme.

13 mins Jo reveals the secrets of being a great mentor.

“Great mentors are great listeners, you can’t see your mentee as a problem to be solved.”

15 mins To get the most out of a mentoring scheme, what do mentorees need to bring to the scheme?

“The combination between coaching and mentoring is very important”

15 mins Jo talks us through the difference between mentoring and coaching.

16 mins Jo discusses stats (from 2022) suggesting that the gender pay gap in public relations is getting worse.

“How we we stop so many women from leaving (PR)? If they stayed that would have the biggest impact in reducing the gender pay gap.”

20 mins Jo discusses the changes the PR sector needs to make to reduce its gender pay gap.

23 mins How can PR employers help their female employers more?

27 mins Jo talks about how WIPR plans to increase its diversity.

28 mins Jo outlines a number of resources that are useful for employers and employees wanting more information about menopause and perimenopause including and Davina McCall’s book Menopausing and Channel 4’s programme Myths and the Menopause.

35 mins Are things getting better or worse for women in the PR workplace?

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