Jo-ann Robertson, partner and CEO of Ketchum London on PR's biggest challenges coming out of lockdown

This week on the PRmoment Podcast we talk to Jo-ann Robertson, Partner and CEO of Ketchum London in the latest of our PR Rest series of podcasts - that look at the state of public relations post the COVID-19 lockdown.

Here’s a summary of what Jo-ann and I discussed:

1.55 mins
What does the outlook for the next six months for PR firms?

7.40 mins Bearing in mind how many agency: client relationships have changed during the lockdown, we discuss the longer-term prospects for UK public relations. 

8.30 mins Jo-ann argues that improving the standard of analytics and increasing the diversity and inclusion of PR teams are vital parts of PR’s future prosperity.

11.06 mins and 14 mins: Jo-ann discusses the benefits of being part of a large, publicly owned group during the pandemic.

12.15 mins Jo-ann compares the performances of independent and group owned PR firms during the lockdown.

16.06 mins Jo-ann discusses why PR tends to fare better in times of crisis than other areas of the marcomms mix, such as advertising.

18 mins As a relatively new leader, what has Jo-ann learnt about herself during the pandemic?

19 mins Jo-ann talks about how she’s had to use her “Glaswegian negotiating skills” during the crisis - but also how it’s important to understand that you “can’t win every battle.”

20 mins Jo-ann talks about the type of business Ketchum UK will be coming out of the lockdown.

21.30 mins How the lockdown has seen a more entrepreneurial spirit within Ketchum UK.

22 mins Jo-ann hopes that Ketchum’s Bankside offices will be open from Sept 1st.