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How will generative AI change PR?

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

Today we’re chatting about how generative AI change PR. To be frank, there’s been no shortage of articles and LinkedIn posts on this but on the podcast today we’ll get to have a proper chat to talk about generative ai in PR.

On the show, I’ve got a wise panel to chat about these issues including:

  • Maya Koleva, head of research and insight, Commetric
  • Rosie Bannister, managing director, Axicom
  • Paul Wooding, Vice President, corporate communications, KX

We’ve all watched AI slowly increase its relevance in our lives until about 3 months ago generative AI Chat GPT exploded into our consciousness and PR folks, like lots of other people, started questioning our roles in life!

More recently we’ve seen the launch of Chat GPT 4 which is bigger and better and more accurate than Chat GPT 3.

On the show today we’re going to talk about how, when and why generative AI will impact public relations and the people that work within it.

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Here’s a summary of what Maya, Paul, Rosie and PRmoment founder Ben Smith spoke about on the show:

2 mins For those out there listening to this who may not have followed this story - what is Chat GPT and what is generative AI?

4 mins Rosie talks us through a generative AI-produced report from CES that Axicom partnered on.

8 mins Paul Wooding gives an in-house perspective on the value of generative AI in content creation.

“You play with it (generative AI) and you just get better and better at using it.”

“(As an in-house PR professional) I’m thinking ‘What am I going to be paying agencies for in the future that previously was considered an absolutely bonafide use of (agency) time?’ That’s a useful thing for us to have in all of our minds - it sharpens us in our understanding of where this technology is going to go.”

“Very soon we will be able to stick a front end on a media database and within minutes be able to ask it… to bang out a briefing document for a journalist. That used to take 3 to 4 hours. That is something we all need to get our head around.”

12 mins How will AI change the role of PR agencies?

13 mins How will AI change agency job titles?

14 mins How will PR firms continue to add value to their clients?

16 mins Maya Koleva reviews the implications of generative AI for the media measurement market.

18 mins Are we a step closer to AI automated measurement of the media?

“You need structured tagged data for AI to learn. We’re seeing that sentiment personification with GPT-based models works better.”

20 mins Who owns AI content?

23 mins How might the NLA respond to AI scraping publisher websites?

“The value of really good earned media is going to bubble up right to the top”

“Effectively - content from publishers is being used to train AI models..neither the journalist nor the publication will get credit for this.”

“The copyright of generated content from AI models: in a way you own some sort of creativity by prompting even though the output is based on models”

“If you are feeding an article by a scraper or by copy and pasting…you get the summary out of the model and then distribute that to your clients - this is called derivatives and most publishers would require (you to have) separate licenses for this.”

28 mins Will PR agencies need to evolve to a new AI norm or will it be a revolution?

31 mins There are only so many hours in the day - are consumers going to have time to consume this massive increase in content?

32 mins Is there a danger we’re just going to end up in a world of endless, duplicated and vanilla content?

34 mins “There are already tools that help users filter out AI-created content to reach high-quality content.”

36 mins Rosie, Paul and Maya talk about some of the favourite tools they've used, including:Otter, Jasper, Copyai, Chat GPT 4, Dall-E and Simple ML.

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