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How and why PR firms can become a B Corp

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

This week we’re chatting with Zoe Ward Waring from Sunny Side Up and John Higginson from Higginson Strategy about how and why their respective organisations have become a BCorp.

On the show, we talk about what being a B Corp is all about and what the process to becoming BCorp looks like.

To put the discussion into some context in the UK there are 1375 BCorp organisations, in the US there are 2226 and globally there are 5711. So it’s predominantly a UK and US scheme.

21 UK PR agencies are a B Corp including Freud's, Third City, Don't Cry Wolf, Sunny Side Up, Higginson Strategy, Milk & Honey and Kindred.

Being a B Corp is about transparency and if you are interested you can view any organisation’s B Corp results on the B Corp website.

There is also a useful How to become a BCorp handbook that you can buy.

Before we start the PRmoment Awards 2023 are now open for entries - do check out the awards site Just to spread the word - there are lots of new categories this year and an updated entry form with added criteria.

Thanks to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors, The PRCA.

Here’s a summary of what Zoe, John and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discuss:

2 mins For anyone out there who is not aware of the B Corp scheme - Zoe and John explain what it is all about.

4 mins Why are organisations becoming B Corps?

7 mins How difficult is it to become a B Corp?

“Anyone can go on (the B Corp website) and begin to self-assess”

“Once you go through the process you get an assessment report”

“There are 5 sections: Governance, workers, community, environment and customers”

“It’s really important to get the whole business behind it.

16 mins John talks to us about the process to become a B Corp.

18 mins How long does the application process take?

“I’d say took about 100 hours”

20 mins Is the PRCA’s Consultancy Management Standard a useful starting point for a B Corp application?

20.30 mins How much does it cost to become a B Corp?

Here’s a video about the B Corp scheme:

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