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How to pitch successfully

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

This week we’re chatting to Kat McGettigan, founder of Fine Lines.

Kat describes Fine Lines as an “agency-growth agency.” Previously she worked at Grayling, M&C Saatchi and Weber Shandwick.

On the show, we talk about how agencies can improve their pitch techniques but we’re also going to take a step back and look at the broader area of growth strategies for PR firms.

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Here’s a summary of what Kat and PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed:

2 mins How can a PR agency set itself up to grow?

5 mins What are the key elements of a successful pitch from an agency's perspective?

7 mins What is a good win rate for agencies when pitching?

7.30 mins When should an agency go for a pitch out of its comfort zone?

“Two or three people should own the pitch…and mustn’t pass the batten.”

9 mins When can a transformational pitch win enable an agency to invest in its team and its skills?

10 mins “Pitching is like dating”

11 mins How to create that winnable chemistry with a potential client

13.30 mins “If you don’t know anyone on the buy-side you are very unlikely to win it.”

16 mins What’s the difference between a tissue and a chemistry session?

17.30 mins “We’ve all become too subservient”

19 mins How to prep for the pitch?

“We’ve all got too beholden to decks!”

20 mins Why you must not create a frankendeck

20.30 mins What is the role of a pitch doctor?

21 mins How many pitch rehearsals should you have?

26 mins Why you should always try and have the pitch at the agency’s office.

29 mins “It blows my mind that so much effort is put into producing all these pitch ideas that are hardly ever used”

34 mins How reliable is a pitch process in finding a client: agency match? Are there better ways?

38 mins Currently, what percentage of pitches are face-to-face compared to virtual?

39 mins Why is a hybrid pitch the hardest of the lot!

40 mins Let’s talk about procurement! Is this where a lot of smaller and medium-sized agencies start to struggle?

42 mins Kat’s guide to dealing with procurement!

49 mins Will paid-for pitches ever be common in PR?

52 mins Kat’s red flags for agencies of when to walk away from a pitch?

“It does pay to be a nice person to work for!”

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