How to bring a PR firm back from the brink

Harvard's fee income today is close to five million pounds. In 2011 this had fallen to £1.6 million. Previously in 2000 Harvard had been a 200 people agency with 5 offices with a fee income of circa seven million annually.

I recently caught up with Ellie Thompson, MD of PR and AR at Harvard and Louie St Clare Group MD to talk about what it takes to bring a PR firm back from the brink.

Here’s what we discussed: 

1. What are the signs that an agency is starting to struggle?

2.  Historically PR agency turnarounds have meant investing new better people and hoping they win the necessary new business quickly enough. How did you turn the fortunes of Harvard around?

3. In the last 18 months you've grown significantly, presumably you want to continue this growth. What happens next?


And here is the link to the book, 'Good to Great' that Louie recommends.

Apologies for the background noise on parts of this podcast