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How the COVID crisis has forced entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurs again! With Victoria Usher, CEO of Ginger May

This week on the PRmoment Podcast we chat to Victoria Usher, CEO of Ginger May about how the Covid crisis has reawakened many people's entrepreneurial spirit.

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Here’s a summary of what Victorial and I discussed:

02.20 mins As an entrepreneur how has Victoria felt over the past 10 months?

03.00 mins How Victoria has gone through different stages over the past 10 months.

05.40 mins According to Goldman Sachs this has been an event driven recession rather than a systematic recession, therefore the recovery is likely to be V shaped.

06.20 mins “I had to become an entrepreneur (all over again), like I did when I set the business up 10 years ago. I felt alive, really alive!”

07.00 mins “My energy levels were very high. It was a sharp time. It was edgy.”

07.25 mins As an entrepreneur “you don’t get complacent, but you do get reliant and suddenly you are faced with a new model and (things are) completely out of your control, whereas before you were completely in control.”

10.30 mins “When you’re setting a business up you use strategic skills to define the type of organisation you want to run, you then tend not to use those skills much, you just don’t need them.” The pandemic forced entrepreneurs to use those skills once again.

15.20 mins Why the Covid crisis gave entrepreneurs the opportunity to look at their businesses under a microscope and ask "Is this operating how I want it to?”.

22.20 mins Ginger May’s revenue is back up to 2019 levels already.

26.00 mins It’s still a tough environment out there though - what are Victoria's biggest challenges atm?

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