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Has society’s expectations of business changed?

This week, on the PRmoment podcast, we’re discussing a new report called Brands & Movements by Alfred which looks at how businesses face increasing pressure to act on issues impacting consumers, and asks what the pitfalls are for businesses engaging with these movements. In short, we’re going to be discussing whether society’s expectations of business have changed?

On the show to discuss this is Alfred MD, Dan Neale.

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Here’s a summary of what Dan and I talked about:

2 mins Dan takes us through Alfred’s Brands & Movement research and its key findings.

4 mins “Purpose and profit go hand in hand, it’s not mutually exclusive.”

6 mins How should brands decide which issues they should engage with?

10 mins How do Millennials and Gen Z consumers react to brands that don’t engage on issues that are important to them?

11 mins Are brands over-indexing on creating marketing moments at the expense of longer-term marketing KPIs?

13 mins To what extent do consumers make a purchasing decision based on brand values?

14 mins We’ve seen purpose in the news this week with investor Terry Smith criticising Unilever’s Hellmans Mayonnaise - to what extent is purpose about a company's moral compass and to what extent is it about increasing sales?

16 mins How can companies gain the trust of consumers?

17 mins Dan runs us through the top 5 themes that are important for a consumer when assessing a brand's purpose.

21 mins Which companies are getting this right at the moment?

22 mins Dan talks us through the 4 pillars that make up a movement—leadership and culture, commitments, shared values and sustained action.

24 mins What are the stages for an organisation becoming part of a movement?

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