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Frank co-founder Andrew Bloch on the PRmoment Podcast

In the latest of our 'career stories' themed interviews, we talk to Frank co-founder Andrew Bloch.

To those of you that are surprised that Andrew hasn't been on the show before, we can confirm that he hasn't, and he's definitely in the category of one of those guests that we've been saving up!

As many of you will know, Andrew co-founded Frank PR in 2000 and it has become one of the UK's largest consumer shops with a fee income of approximately £8m in 2019.

Here are some of the themes Andrew and PRmoment Podcast host Ben Smith discuss on the show:

02.30 mins Why did Andrew decide to leave Frank?

04.04 mins How did Andrew tell Frank’s Chairman, Graham Goodkind, who he had worked with for 20 years, that he wanted to leave.

04.05 mins Andrew outlines his plan, post-Frank.

06.38 mins Why Andrew doesn’t want to set up another PR firm.

07.00 mins Andrew tell us how he came to write, perhaps, The Worlds Most Expensive Press Release!

07.44 mins On how he started his career in PR, Andrew says he “ended up at Lynne Franks PR” essentially because he was frustrated that he hadn’t been able to get into advertising.

08.40 mins How it was “pure luck” that he met Graham Goodkind at Lynne Franks PR. Andrew says he owes Graham “everything” in terms how his career has developed since.

09.25 mins Andrew talks us through how many of the class of '95 at Lynne Franks PR have gone on to do amazing things in their careers.

10.37 mins Does Andrew regret not moving to a senior in-house role?

13.31 mins Why Andrew turned Graham Goodkind down 3 times before agreeing to join him in setting up Frank.

16.52 mins Andrew gives us his highlights of the Frank story.

18.14 mins Andrew says building a strong brand for Frank was the most important element in building the business.

21.33 mins Andrew tells us why he and Graham sold Frank after only 7 years.

22.36 mins Andrew talks us through what purchasers of agencies are looking for and what a realistic valuation, in terms of a ratio to profit, is for a PR firm currently.

25.08 mins Why now is a very good time for PR mergers and acquisitions.

26.00 mins Andrew talks about his new role as an advisor to PCB Partners, advising them on PR acquisitions.

37.00 mins Franks growth plateaued 11/12 years in. In hindsight, Andrew discusses why that happened and how they got the business’s momentum back.

38.30 mins Andrew talks about why Frank didn’t scale internationally to the extent some other PR firms have done.

42.40 mins Andrew talks about his relationship with Graham Goodkind.

47.00 mins Andrew defines the type of PR person he is - and how he hopes PR will remember him!

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