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Do in-house B2B communicators value creativity?

On the show today, I’m chatting with Jo Ogunleye, B2B Communications Lead at Google UK and Laura Wheeler, Head of Communications UKI, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Google Cloud.

Both are B2B communicators, and we’re going to talk about what creativity looks like in B2B communications, how it can be used and how it can be integrated across the appropriate B2B channels.

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Here is a summary of what Jo and Laura and PRmoment founder discussed:

2 mins Jo and Laura talk about what a modern, integrated approach to B2B communications looks like.

6 mins What are the priority channels for most B2B communications?

“Your company blog or your website should always be your priority channel.”

14 mins A discussion of the rise of influencers within B2B markets

17 mins Is creativity used less in B2B markets because communicators are more risk averse, or is it because of budget?

“Creativity is a critical part of B2B PR…You need to stand out from the crowd.

…B2B buyers are usually bombarded with information.”

20 mins Why is creativity important in B2B PR?

21 mins Laura gives some examples of how Google Cloud uses creativity in its B2B campaigns.

28 mins How to craft your B2B campaigns to reach multiple objectives, including impact on sales.

31 mins Does creative content drive more sales in Google’s experience?

38 mins Bearing in mind how specific the target audience is, are B2B campaigns easier to measure?

41 mins As in-house communicators, what is the role of the PR agency in B2B markets? To what extent do you look for creativity in your agency partners in B2B?

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