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Dee Gibbs, founder of Liberty Communications, on the PRmoment podcast

This week on the PRmoment podcast, in the latest of our life stories series, I interview Dee Gibbs, founder of Liberty Communications.

Dee founded Liberty Communications 21 years ago. Liberty is an independent PR firm, specialising in Tech PR. It has a turnover of £2.5m, approximately 25 people and offices in London and San Francisco.

Here is a flavour of what Dee and I discussed:

[00:01:20] Why, after working in-house for 15 years, Dee decided to start up her own firm.

[00:04:17] Why, at launch, the agency name Liberty was chosen as a reflection of what she hoped the business would give her.

[00:04:25] Dee tells us where she thinks PR tend to get things wrong from a client perspective.

[00:05:47] Dee tells us what it is that she enjoys about owning her own business.

[00:07:24] How Dee now runs Liberty from Portugal alongside her UK based management team.

[00:09:33] Having run Liberty through multiple recessions Dee tells us how she managed the business through those tough times.

[00:09:52] Dee talks through the downsides to running your own business.

[00:10:20] Why running your own business can be a very lonely.

[00:11:39] Why employers should never forget that it's a serious business employing people.

[00:15:21] Dee talks us through the unsuccessful merger of Liberty into a marketing firm and subsequent reverse merger.

[00:18:26] Why Dee has not tried to diversify Liberty out of its technology routes.

[00:22:53] Dee discusses whether there a sweet spot of how long an agency and client should work together.

[00:24:56] Why Dee isn't a big fan of PR people!

[00:26:51] Why Dee has never sold Liberty, despite being approached.

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