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Cow PR founder Sian Morgan on the PRmoment Podcast

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

This week on the PRmoment Podcast I’m pleased to welcome founder and MD of Cow PR Sian Morgan. Cow PR is a circa £3m fee income consumer PR shop in London. What’s interesting about Cow is that despite its relatively small size - it punches well above its weight creatively, and has done for basically the last 18 years so I want to discover from Sian how they have managed to do this.

Here is a flavour of what I discuss with Sian:

  • How Sian has managed the ups and downs of running her own business for the last 18 years through a couple of recessions
  • Sian talks about how 8 years ago an office move almost spelt the end for Cow
  • How Sian dealt with the stress of having breast cancer and running her own business
  • Why having a business partner doesn't need to last forever
  • How PR creative legends like Dan Glover, Mark Perkins and Matt Wilcock have all started their careers at Cow
  • Why Sian would never hire a creative director - for Cow they need to be homegrown
  • How Cow has retained its creative excellence over 18 years across a range of clients
  • Why humour is a vital part of creative communications
  • How Sian went from a “Tom Jones” groupie to setting up Cow
  • How Sian learnt different things at Cohn & Wolfe, Red and Weber before setting up Cow
  • Sian gives her thoughts on creative process and the genesis of creative ideas
  • How the “creatives pairs” process works when dissecting a brief
  • Why creativity is really hard work
  • How ideas take time to mature
  • Why creatives are able to take a different look at a brief
  • Sian identifies what she looks for when identifying creative talent
  • Why the wrong type of client will stifle creativity
  • How over a 27 year career Sian has met less than 5 true creatives
  • Why Sian believes creatives don’t come from PR, they come from brand
  • What is it about Cow’s culture that has enabled it to punch above its weight creatively in London
  • What does Cow do to help its people come up with interesting ideas
  • Why Sian doesn't believe PR can get passionate about PR
  • Why a lack of confidence can be crippling to coming up with creative ideas
  • How the best creative ideas are really simple
  • How PRs lack of measurement confidence is impacting how much consumer PR firms are able to charge for their ideas

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