Case study: Why Samsung Quick Drive campaign won the Integrated Communications Campaign of the Year at the 2019 PRmoment Awards

This week, in the latest PRmoment Podcast, we’ve got a change of format.

In anticipation of the PRmoment Awards 2020 I thought it would be interesting to hear from some of the winners from the PRmoment Awards 2019.

So today I’m talking to Pete Mountstevens, CCO & Managing Partner at Taylor Herring, about its 'Spin Cycle: the launch of Samsung Quick Drive' campaign that won the Integrated Communications Campaign of the Year at the 2019 PRmoment Awards.

The early-bird entry deadline for the PRmoment Awards 2020 is Dec 16th. All the categories are on the awards microsite.

Here’s a flavour of what Pete and I talked about: 

[00:01:42] Pete tells us about the thinking behind the Samsung Quick Drive campaign and why it won a PRmoment Award.

[00:02:28] What Ben thinks about Pete's washing machine!

[00:03:22] How Taylor Herring attempted to put the fun into washing machines!

[00:03:36] Why the creative challenge was to cut the apathy and disinterest that consumers have around purchasing domestic appliances.

[00:04:50] How do you make a washing machine entertaining? 

[00:06:27] Understanding the hypnotic nature of the washing cycle!

[00:06:56] Here's a video of the Samsung Quick Drive Washing Machine.

[00:08:04] Why they produced a 66 minute film of a family cotton wash. 

[00:08:16] Why Michael Nyman was chosen to write the score.

[00:10:49] How the coverage spanned over two to three months for this campaign, starting with the TV spot.

[00:13:22] How every national newspaper covered the story, if not twice then three times, over three months.

[00:15:07] Why this was an earned first idea.

[00:16:42] Did Samsung sell more washing machines as a result of this campaign?

[00:18:20] Why the creative concept of using the slow TV and film medium to promote the fastest Samsung washing machine worked. 

[00:20:51] Why brave clients are critical to a campaign like this.

[00:24:40] The role of earned media within integrated communications.

[00:26:28] How PR's skillset, the ability to tell stories in a way that is sharable, newsworthy and travel organically is now at a premium.

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