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Carrie Rose, CEO & co-founder of Rise at Seven on the PRmoment podcast

On this week's podcast, I talked to Carrie Rose, CEO & Co-Founder of Rise at Seven.

To give you some context, just over 2 years ago Rise at Seven barely existed, one year ago it employed 14 people with a turnover of about £1.5 million and today it employs 64 people and has a turnover of over £4 million.

So it really is a story of incredible growth especially when you bear in mind that the last 24 months (remember Brexit!) haven’t exactly been a walk in the park for any business, especially agency businesses in the startup phase.

Rise at Seven describes itself as a search-first creative agency, and it was co-founded by Carrie and Stephen Kenwright in June 2019.

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1 min Carrie tells us how Rise at Seven has a fee income of over 4 million 2 years after it was founded

2 mins Carrie talks about what she means by digital PR - basically creating stories to land links!

4 mins Why digital PR needs to be at scale.

7 mins Carrie talks about the difficulties of Rise at Seven growing so rapidly.

9 mins “Fast growth eats your profits...we had to constantly hire”

10 mins How Carrie is splitting Rise at Seven into “three mini agencies inside the agency.”

12 mins Why Carrie has “never seen the value in having an account manager.”

14 mins How Rise at Seven has a proactive and reactive stream for clients - post-COVID 70% of the business is reactive.

15 mins Who are Rise at Seven’s competitors? PR firms, creative firms or SEO firms?

17 minsThe search industry is moving faster into search than creative is moving into search.”

18 mins How Rise at Seven have built dedicated employee influencers to build their personal brands.

19 mins How big does Carrie want Rise at Seven to get? The company recently launched in the US and in Germany last week!

21 mins Why Rise at Seven only do organic search, no paid (PPC.)

22 mins “You have to lean on your own confidence and self-belief”.

24 mins Why SEO has become more important during the lockdown.

27 mins Carrie talks about her relationship with Rise at Seven co-founder Stephen Kenwright.

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