A sector-wide best practice approach to producing accessible communications begins

Today on the PRmoment Podcast I'm talking to George Coleman Co-Founder & CEO at Current Global.

Current Global has just launched a commitment that every piece of communication it develops, curates or publishes on behalf of the firm and its clients will meet the highest accessibility standards.

Current Global is owned by Interpublic and has offices in Europe, America and Asia. It employs over 200 people.

1.20 mins George’s father is deaf so accessible communication is a personal subject for him.

4.40 mins The internet and technology have had a transformational impact on how people with an impairment can consume media.

5 mins How to design content to be accessible through technology

5.30 mins How technology and standards have developed in tandem to increase the accessibility to content.

6.20 mins Some examples of the types of technology that is available to help make communications more accessible

6.40 min George talks us through how to use the accessibility checker in Microsoft Office.

7.30 mins Why we should all be using Microsoft’s Accessibility checker as much as we use Spell Check

9 mins How most of the social networks have free to use accessibility tools but you need to design your content, workflows and princesses to ensure you utilise them fully.

10 mins What processes have Current Global gone through to introduce best practice communications for in the four disability areas of vision, hearing, cognition and speech?

13 mins How long are the checklists for best practice communications?

18 mins 15% of the world's population has some form of disability

19.30 mins How Current Global is planning to share the processes of what you need to do to make your communications accessible with the public relations sector

24 mins George recommends the w3c.org website and its accessibility guidelines for more information.

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