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How to grab the attention of Gen Z

Generation Z are due to be the highest-earning generation ever recorded. Researchers at Morgan Stanley have observed that the age category, born between 1997 and 2012, is rapidly climbing, and now constitutes $360 billion in disposable income.

Although they are capable of making purchase decisions, this generation of consumers presents an obstacle to conventional marketers because of fundamental differences. Future brand growth depends critically on an understanding of Gen Z marketing, their distinctive online behaviour, and their expectations of brands.

Marketing strategies

Customers from Generation Z have grown up with access to all kinds of marketing material imaginable. To get their attention, you need to say something unique.

They like original content that is imaginative, captivating, and quick to absorb. They want information that is uniquely targeted to them because they are the world's most diverse generation. In fact, the younger generation spends countless hours, whether intentionally or unintentionally, modifying social media algorithms to suit their tastes. The majority of them are social media users (64%) and consume video and audio content numerous times every day.

Share your values

Brands that adhere to the same principles and values as Generation Z are the ones they want to support. They are very worried about societal concerns like the Black Lives Matter movement and the rights of LGBTQ+ people. They favour activism over passivism and base their purchase decisions on business ethics and social responsibility. Social media content is viewed as a way to gain knowledge as well as a tool for activism, raising awareness and empowerment.

Be authentic

Transparency is essential in Gen Z marketing. They are tech-savvy consumers who will only support brands that aren't morally dubious as they can recognise when ethically ambiguous brands are mimicking progressive values for commercial gain. 40% of Generation Z is likely to stop buying products from companies that don't seem to share their ideals.

Be interactive

Generation Z like individualised interactions because they want to have a relationship with a brand. Marketing trends indicate that the best method to connect with the Gen Z audience is through interactive content. They value material that enhances their brand experience. This is why interactive content like polls, augmented reality, and quizzes encourages their participation.

Influencers are key

Using influencers is one of the best Gen Z marketing strategies. Influencers are well-liked amongst Gen Z consumers, who generally believe that larger businesses are unreliable. As a result, influencer marketing is crucial to Gen Z social media. Gen Z marketing campaigns that engage smaller influencers provide them a reliable, honest perspective.

Create video content

Gen Z prefers raw, unedited material over the polished, carefully managed aesthetics that the Millennial generation favoured.

They prefer video material over all other types, favouring Reels, Instagram Stories, and TikTok videos. They are, nevertheless, intolerant of content that doesn't immediately attract their attention. Gen Z's attention span is roughly 8 seconds, compared to Millennials' 12-second attention span for online information.

Don’t oversell

With Generation Z, conventional marketing strategies don't work. They were exposed to advertisements from an early age since they are digital natives. When younger consumers are being sold anything, they can tell right away. In fact, 99% of them acknowledge that they frequently skip advertising. Gen Z prefers to take part in an authentic, individualised experience that is centred on relevant individuals.

Using these strategies will aid your business's reach far into the future, increasing brand loyalty and converting the Gen Z to become buying customers of your brand.

Written by Sarah Woodhouse, director of agency AMBITIOUS PR

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