Is an over-reliance on email the central cause of tension between public relations and journalism?

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast, on the show today we’re discussing how to improve the connectivity between public relations and journalism - is there a way to create a more efficient workflow between PRs and journalists?

We’ll ask whether the relationship between PR and journalists is becoming damaged beyond repair and look and the reasons why this mutually beneficial relationship isn’t working better.

To talk about this we’ve got Charlie Russell who is the founder of Synapse. Synapse is aiming to take more of a marketplace approach to the intersection of PR and journalism by trying to remove the inefficiencies and frustrations of email from the daily workflow of PR professionals and journalists.

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1.30 mins Is the communication bridge between PRs and journalists broken?

“It’s bonkers that email has become the default channel for PR: journalist relations…it’s not an efficient or effective 2-way communications channel”

7 mins How useful are PRs for modern journalists? Are journalists, in the main, still keen to engage?

12 mins Why the SEO sector’s evolution to “digital PR” and its desire for editorial links has resulted in a massive increase in the number of press releases sent to journalists.

“One journalist I spoke to got about 1000 emails a day…another got roughly 1 a minute, mostly from PRs.”

“Every email spawns another email.”

“It’s a real shame email has become the go-to channel for media relations, but it has.”

“PR teams spend far too much time writing/sending repetitive emails.”

17 mins To what extent do the pressures of email impact the mental health of both PRs and journalists?

20.30 mins Charlie talks us through the functionality of Synapse that he hopes will improve the PR: journalist workflow.

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