Why being a journalist sucks compared to PR

A few weeks ago, this column was hijacked by a journalist who claimed that it is better to stack shelves than work in PR.

Having done my time as a hack (and often it did it feel like doing time in the cramped, dingy offices I worked in), I have to say I am amazed by this ignorant opinion.

PR is a dream compared to the world of journalism, here’s why:

Journalists have to name and shame their friends

Whenever a contact told me news that was “off the record” I was always put under immense pressure by the editor to sacrifice my relationship in order to get a good news story. No longer do I have to stitch anyone up.

I can now do good work

It is so rewarding raising the profile of charities and other organisations who make the world a better place.

It is easier to pitch to clients than to a jaded editor who has heard it all before

And who is probably dying to leave the industry just as soon as something better turns up.

Everyone seems more positive in PR

Being negative is part of the job if you work in journalism, I used to be surrounded by moaners. Now I am by far the biggest whinger in the office.

There is so much more variety in my job now

As a journalist it’s the same old routine every week.

Training is better in PR

Partly because there is so much more stuff you need to learn and partly because all the employers I have worked for in PR have been more caring. Even the one I work for now, though I hate to admit it.

Publishing is a cruel industry

It needs to be because it is struggling. It is so much nicer to work in a thriving industry.

So let’s stop calling PR the “dark side”!

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