Top tips on how to have an affair at work, from Hacked Off Flack

I can’t count the number of companies I have worked in where personal relationships are discouraged. But let's face it, most offices have at at least one affair going on.

I have never been involved with any of my work colleagues (ahem), but as this Daily Mail story shows, affairs happen anywhere and everywhere. I do suspect, however, that the PR industry is particularly rife with illicit goings on. It’s terrible when our clients get caught with their pants down, especially if it gets into the news, but it ain’t pretty when we get caught out either.

Here are my top tips for having affairs at work.

1. Don’t EVER do anything in the office. Forget your fantasies - if you do your dirty work at work, you are going to get caught. Fast.

2. Don’t use your desktop computer to email love letters. Someone is bound to take a sneaky peak over your shoulder...

3. In fact, avoid emailing your forbidden loved one altogether. It is far too easy to send the wrong message to the wrong person.

4. Keep spare clothes at work. This is useful if you find you unexpectedly don’t go home one night. Stops the “have you seen who has been wearing the same clothes for two days in a row” discussions.

5. Never use your business card to pay for hotel stays that aren’t strictly business. It may be a good idea not to use any card. Pay with cash. And that goes for romantic meals and gifts too.

6. Have your affair in your own time, not the company’s. Again - you'll just get caught, affairs aren't great for productivity in my experience.

7. Don’t do sexting on your work mobile. And if you think it is a good idea to get a separate phone, just for the naughty stuff, be careful. If it ever gets found, you are in big trouble. If you must text, be careful where you do it, and delete straight away afterwards. Don’t even think about Tweeting each other...

8. Facebook is lethal - too easy to leave yourself logged in...

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