The best bits about working for a big business

There are benefits of working for a small PR practice, but right now I can’t think what these are.

I am fed up with knowing everything there is to know about everyone in the company (do I really need to hear what my boss is having for dinner EVERY night?) and I am also sick of working in an office that has “character”.

In this weather I want air conditioning!

So here are the things I miss about working for a large business:


There’s no question, in large organisations it is easier to get away with doing less. If you disappear for a few hours, you are unlikely to get the Spanish Inquisition on your return, like you do in small companies. Here everyone knows exactly what I get up to (apart from writing this column I hope).


Where is my office Starbucks? I have to go all the way outside to get a decent latte.

Less pitching

Life in a small agency involves a lot more pitching, because when there is new business to be won we all get involved, one way or another. I don’t want to feel responsible every time we fail, I want to point my finger and laugh!

The P word

I have said enough about pensions in this column over the years, you all know what I think. Not that I am obsessed with retiring or anything (that would be sad, as I’m never going to be able to afford to).

An IT department

Though I don’t miss having an HR department.

Training “weeks”

I only get the odd training “day” here, with the emphasis on “odd”.

More talent

No I’m not talking about ability here, it’s just pleasant having a greater variety of good looking people around you. Admittedly, being one of the ugly ones didn’t do much for my ego.