Summer dress code in PR from Hacked Off Flack

Okay guys, the weather has been quite nice lately, but there’s no need to strip off. Put it away, can’t you? No one wants to see your hairy toes and knobbly knees. Plus, it’s not professional to go to meetings half dressed.

Here are some basic sartorial rules to follow, no matter how hot it gets.

No flip flops. If you must wear sandals, make sure your feet are presentable.

No shorts. You might think that Bermudas are acceptable in a funky PR agency. But you know what? Shorts always look stupid at work.

Don’t forget the deodorant. When it gets hot, people smell. Even you. But on the other hand there is no need to go mad with the Lynx either.

Hide your bra. Bra straps are not a good look at work. But this is not an excuse not to wear a bra at all.

Not too much cleavage please. It can put a man off his business lunch.

No short skirts. Now that it’s too hot for tights, please make sure your skirt isn’t too short. You may have fabulous legs, but is that all you wanted to get noticed for at work?

Think before you go sleeveless. Vests at work are not a good idea. Save them for the weekend.

Don’t wear your holiday wardrobe to work. What looks good at night in Ibiza doesn’t look so hot in the bright lights of the office.

Perhaps ease off on the fake tan? You don’t look tanned, you look orange.