How to deal with the January PR blues

How was your Christmas, and New Year?

Actually, don’t bother telling me as I’m not interested. I limped through the last few months of 2014, purely stress related I imagine, and was ill for virtually the entire Christmas "break." In addition, my "wife" apparently has a bad back so while feeling utterly awful I remained on cooking and taxiing duty. And no, I didn’t get any nice presents!

So now I'm back at work. Problem is that I hate work. According to a “helpful” colleague, I am suffering from the “January blues”. No shit Sherlock!

I might not be able to shake off my own slough of despond, but here are my top tips for you to cope with the hell that is January. Yes, I am all heart.

1. Go to bed and stay there as long as you can. Work at home if you can, as that will score you at least an extra hour under the covers, or more, if you bring your laptop into the bedroom.

2. When you do get up, don’t move more than you have to. Forget exercising at this time of year, all that moving around is exhausting.

3. Don’t bother looking for another job. Let’s face it, you are not looking your best (did you really need to eat so many mince pies?) and it is unlikely that your brain is functioning at full capacity. Wait until the spring when your sap begins to rise (pardon the expression).

4. No partying. This isn’t difficult as there aren’t any parties to go to. Parties are great as an idea, but they are terrible for your physical and mental health. A) you catch germs, and B) there’s nothing like a party for showing up how unpopular you are (maybe that’s just me).

5. Do as little as possible at work. Because if you are feeling below par, your work will reflect this. The less work you do, the fewer mistakes you can make.

6. Eat chocolate. Always a good idea.

7. Watch some rubbish on TV. There is plenty to choose from. Make sure it is happy crap, now is not the time to get a Breaking Bad habit.

8. Avoid any contact with HR. And don't resign, you will get through this.

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