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We all love a bit of Aussie humour - don’t we?

Good PR

The Northern Territory of Australia is sometimes overlooked by tourists, who instead flock to places like Sydney in the South East or Perth on the West Coast.

Well, the Northern Territory peeps have had enough. They have Ayers Rock, after all, which is a pretty iconic tourist attraction. In a recent tourism push by NT Official (nothing to do with the government), a very cunning - and quite frankly hilarious/genius/magnificent - campaign has caught the eye of many people.

T-shirts have been launched that people can buy with the slogan “CU in the NT” emblazoned across the front. Brilliant.

There's even a big banner/poster type promotion with the same message on it, reading “The top end. Different from the bottom end” beneath.

I absolutely love this campaign idea. It ticks all the right tongue-in-cheek, secretly sweary, funny boxes that I like to see checked off. Apparently, it's riled a few tourism officials and rubbed some people up the wrong way, but I think it's safe to say that most people appreciate the genius behind it.

It's definitely got the Northern Territory of Australia in the limelight, so they should be thankful for that at least. A bit of the Aussie sense of humour at its finest!

The coverage for this has been vast; with titles like the Metro, Mail, Huffington Post and Mashable here in the UK picking up on it and plenty of others around the world.

Bad PR

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are behind us, we can all concentrate on what really matters... Christmas! Aside from the presents, drinking, parties and roast dinners, there's something else which is synonymous with the festive season and that, my friends, is chocolate. Stacks of the stuff. The supermarket seasonal aisles are full from top to bottom with tins of Quality Street, Roses, Heroes, Terry's Chocolate and, an old favourite of mine, Toblerone.

If you've a fan of the triangular treat like I am, you won't have missed the news that a change is coming. Chocolate bars are shrinking all around us. It's a world-wide epidemic of the #firstworldproblems variety. The humble Toblerone is the latest victim and people are really, really angry.

The makers, Mondelez International, cited the rising cost of ingredients for the need to change the design of the Toblerone and has reduced the 400g bar down to 360g and the 170g bar down to 150g. It's not so much the size difference that's getting to people though; more the fact that the design has completely changed.

Instead of taking a few triangles off the end of a bar, Mondelez has instead increased the gaps between the triangle chunks; which, might I add, looks really, ruddy stupid. I might have been OK with a few triangles being knocked off the end. Size isn't everything, a popular women's magazine once told me. This, though, is a travesty.

Even the BBC has reported on the public's reactions to the change, along with titles like The Guardian, Telegraph, Sky News and plenty of others.

Written by Shannon Peerless, 10 Yetis, @ShazzaYeti on Twitter

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