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GoodandBadPR: Well done to Argos, Gordon’s and Aldi

Good PR


In order to commemorate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G later this week, the team at Argos is implementing a seriously inventive method of delivering the phones to some London-based customers who might struggle to receive the standard delivery in their home or workplace.

A limited-edition parkour service – a form of artistic expression which incorporates running, jumping and climbing to get between two places in the fastest and most efficient way possible without any equipment that often includes leaping from great heights or tall buildings – is being rolled out within the UK capital. Those who’ve ordered the new handset and opted for the extra special method of delivery will have their phone delivered to them via a Parkour runner using the fastest urban route possible wherever they happen to be.

All phones were being delivered this week ahead of the general release of the phone today (13th).

Gordon’s Gin

If there’s one thing I love more than gin, it’s a limited edition flavour of gin that I need to stock up on before I lose the chance to buy it again. That’s right, I am one of THOSE people. A full on gin-thusiast.

This week I am super excited as flagship gin brand has announced the launch of two new flavours, Sicilian Lemon and White Peach. YUM.

Both products sound perfect for cocktails to enjoy throughout the spring and summer, and will no doubt prove popular amongst British adults who’re showing an increasing appetite and preference for quirky and different styles of gin.


For those of you (like me) that covet the dreamy statement pieces on the Instagram pages of and Oliver Bonas, but don’t quite have the bank account balance to justify the costs, then today you’re in luck!

The absolute geniuses at Aldi have once again pulled it out the bag with regards to copycat designs, and have created a beautiful scallop velvet armchair that is more than £300 cheaper than higher-end brands offering similar items.

Anyone hoping to grab the £79.99 bargain might be in for a disappointment, because as I write this (on Wednesday afternoon) it looks as though the product is totally sold out in pink, with just a few left in grey velvet.

You better be quick, bargain hunters!

Bad PR


Two mums were outraged this week after discovering that online marketplace Amazon was allowing the sale of T-shirt branding the shocking phrase “Let’s Make Down Syndrome Extinct” on its website.

Rachel Mewes and her friend Caroline Wylde were both shocked and left in tears to see products on sale, and called them dehumanising to their two-year-old children, both of whom have the congenital condition.

After causing a wave of disgust, Amazon was quick to take down the offensive pages and apologise for the upset caused. Personally, this example highlights a need to put in stricter guidelines regarding how and what sellers are allowed to sell on the site, as presumably there should be staff at the company who are making stringent checks regarding matters like this?

Sunday Brunch

Everyone’s favourite show to watch hungover from the sofa found itself in hot water last week after accidently feeding a vegan guest a dahl dish made using ghee, a type of clarified made using cow’s milk.

Comedian Jon Richardson was appearing on the show alongside his wife Lucy to promote their new sitcom, and was taking part in a segment of the show where Chef Asma Kahn had prepared a Masoor dhal with prawns. Unbeknownst to Jon, he was seen tucking into a spoonful of the dahl sauce after being informed by host of the show Simon Rimmer that it was vegan.

It was not.

Richardson seemed to take a very laidback attitude to the fact his health and ethical beliefs had been compromised. Those on Twitter didn’t take it quite as well, with many comparing the tongue-in-cheek apology given by the presenter to Piers Morgan and his preference for belittling anyone with views different to his own.

Written by Lauren Wilden, head of PR at 10 Yetis Digital. Seen any good or bad PR lately? You know what to do @10Yetis on Twitter or on email

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