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Good and Bad PR: UEFA and Simon Cowell are Halloween horrors

Good PR 


A meat-free alternative that is also suitable for vegans is being trialled by the sandwich kings over at Subway in the form of a 'meatless meatball marinara' sub.

The move is sure to please Britons who've switched over to more of a plant-based lifestyle, but are still missing out on the occasional treat from this high-street sandwich shop.

Here's for the slightly disappointing news though guys... it's currently only planned to be trialled in stores located in Birmingham and Manchester. But if the trial proves a success then the big bosses at Subway have plans to roll the option out nationwide from next year.

With a couple of the yetis here in the office already fully committed to the vegetarian/vegan life, I can fully assure you we are now doing everything in our power to find an excuse to take a trip up the road to Birmingham now that the new flavours trial has officially been rolled out.

Watch this space for our inevitable Instagram updates and brutally honest review!


The cat and Christmas lovers amongst us were seriously excited this week to see that Amazon UK is selling an adorable range of feline beds this year, Purrfect for ensuring the family pet has a great place to relax in this festive season.

There are a selection of designs to choose from, including a Christmas tree, Santa's hat and an elf hat.

The igloo-inspired designs start at £15 if you’re tempted to treat your moggy this December, and all come with free delivery, so they might not be around for long!

Number 4 – Shrewsbury

A restaurant up in Shrewsbury had to get a mention this week after offering a nine-year-old boy the role of ‘restaurant artist’ after he was told by his teacher to stop doodling so much in the classroom.

After being told by his school that his constant doodling was getting him in trouble, Joe Whales parents decided to enrol him in an after-school art class. Whilst here, his talent was instantly spotted and posted across social media by an impressed teacher. A restaurant – Number 4 in Shrewsbury – subsequently contacted Joe and asked him down to the premises in order to decorate the interiors with his own unique artwork.

Every day after school, Joe’s Dad now drives him to the restaurant in order to complete his work, which will remain there indefinitely.

So far, Joe’s work has been seen by more than 1,500,000 people on LinkedIn, and I’m seriously considering getting in touch with him to see if he can come down to Gloucester and decorate the Yeti HQ now!

Bad PR


If you cast your minds back a few weeks to 14 October, you may remember that during the England vs Bulgaria Euro 2020 qualifier game in Sofia that Bulgarian fans were heard making vile monkey noises and seen mimicking Nazi salutes throughout the match.

Well UEFA has issued its punishment for the Bulgarian Football Union this week, and people aren’t happy.

The union is required to pay back the minimal fine of just 75,000 euros (£64, 641) for the racist behaviour, object throwing and disruption of the English national anthem. Many are criticising the ‘joke’ sanction, with many now calling for UEFA to reassess its entire disciplinary process with regards to racist behaviour.

It does seem a little flawed when one takes into consideration the fact that the amount fined was less than Nicklas Bendtner received for wearing Paddy Power pants during Euro 2012.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell certainly isn’t having the easiest week in terms of tabloid coverage.

First of all, as well as some widespread panning of the new format of X Factor, which has replaced ‘regular’ people with celebrities looking to develop a career within the music industry, he’s also been criticised for his actions during the first eviction show on Sunday. After Saturday’s first live show, the two contestants who found themselves in the bottom two and facing elimination were quite a surprise, but it was evident who the best singer was…

Not to Simon Cowell.

Instead of saving arguably one of the strongest vocalists, Love Actually actress and former child star Olivia Olson, the music mogul decided that he wasn’t quite ready to wave goodbye to investigative journalist Martin Bashir.

Bashir, famous for his explosive documentary on Michael Jackson and interview with Princess Diana, is undoubtedly not a good singer, and at 56 and with an established career, is hardly going to be taking this too seriously. One can only assume that Bashir and Cowell are close friends, and in order to keep in his good books, Simon had to sacrifice Olivia.

The California-based singer, who rose to fame in the Richard Curtis film ‘Love Actually’ singing All I Want For Christmas Is You, took the news badly, and described it as a ‘punch in the gut moment’.

Something tells me someday soon she’ll be happy this happened when it did.  

Written by Lauren Wilden, head of PR at 10 Yetis. Seen any good or bad PR lately? You know what to do @10Yetis on Twitter or on email

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