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GoodandBadPR: Tinder and tigers warm us up, hunkvertising and parents in PJs leave us cold

Howdy everybody! I’m here to bring you a roundup of what’s going down in the PR world right now, fresh from the mouths of the Yetis! 

Good PR

Blizzard bedmates

Ever one to jump on a PR bandwagon, Tinder has kicked off the roll with an impressive first move – announcing that it has witnessed a spike in activity on the app among residents of the US East Coast, as they spend their time huddled inside, worrying about the blizzard and – of course – searching for a soulmate on Tinder. Well, something like that, anyway. What better way to while away the time than swiping left and right on our fellow human beings. Good on you, Tinder, you romantic blizzard-saviour you!

Frosties and the Furries

What does Tony the Tiger conjure up to you? Crunchy sugary cereal, mornings spent getting ready for school, the cartoon adverts, maybe late night snacking... pretty wholesome, fond childhood memories, right? Wrong! Or at least, for some… Because poor Tony has been having a bit of trouble with online sexual harassment of late, from a band of sexually aggressive “Furries” (apparently people who like to dress up as animals when getting down to it). They’ve been tweeting rather suggestive remarks and the tiger has had to actually block several users for their explicit come-ons.

Surely, surely, this has got to be a PR stunt. Surely. Please don’t tell me we live in a world where this is real.

Bad PR

‘Hunkvertising’ horrors

The term “hunkvertising” is being bandied around today, much to our pleasure, with companies such as H&M, Armani and even Marks and Spencer coming under fire for using scantily-clad, rather hot men in their adverts. This impressive disgusting show of male exhibitionism to drive sales has received a wave of criticism following a report published by Mintel, finding that a quarter of British males are complaining that men are sexualised in adverts. Poor things. Us ladies can’t imagine what that must feel like.

Now that men have a problem with sexualisation in adverts (and the media as a whole), maybe something might actually get done about it – who knows?!

Darlington dress-code disgrace

Oh dear, Darlington residents, you guys have not got the best rep today. In fact, you’re the butt of the jokes of timely and well-dressed parents everywhere. A school in the area, Skerne Park Academy, has issued parents with a plea to get dressed in the mornings as part of their quest to achieve a pyjama-free school gate come drop-off time. The head teacher, Kate Chisholm, said she was prompted after noticing more mums and dads decked out in their PJs, not only first thing in the morning, but also during assemblies and meetings. When this extended to the Christmas show and a recent parents’ evening, Mrs Chisholm could take no more. It was time to take a stand.

Unfortunately, this stand – whilst no doubt very much needed – has resulted in a fair few giggles UK-wide at Darlington’s expense. Time for a super-chic comeback, parents!

Written by Leanne Bryan, 10 Yetis

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