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Good and Bad PR: Morrisons is supermarket of the week

Good PR

Morrisons packaging hit

It’s been a good week for the supermarket chain Morrisons and its initiative to launch new product labels encouraging customers to recycle packaging in store.

The supermarket has pledged to eliminate all packaging that isn’t reusable or recyclable within the next five years. However, with this being no easy feat, it has introduced a scheme in the meantime to encourage customers to bring in plastics that aren’t necessarily always recycled at kerbside facilities.

The scheme features 400 products containing icons on the front of their packaging advising consumers about how it could be recycled. The new labels include calls to action such as ‘recycle me in store’ and ‘re-use me’ alongside information on the components making up the plastic, clarifying what can and can’t successfully be recycled.

Whilst not entirely scrapping plastic altogether, this is a great PR initiative from the British supermarket giant making moves in the right direction and setting a precedent for other retailers wanting to follow suit on the current war on plastics.

Greener Café Nero

Coffee giant Café Nero has made a positive move for vegan fans across the country this week by expanding its Deli-Style menu to include more plant-based options.

In an attempt to squash the reputation of coffee shop food leaving much to be desired, the coffee house has now introduced a variety of plant-based items such as a Roasted Beetroot, Carrot and Mixed Grain salad, delighting vegetarians and vegans up and down the UK.

What’s more, the range is still available at an affordable price, with each item costing £5.50 or less. The range isn’t all vegan, however, with mini ‘stonebaked pizzettas’ and sausage rolls being introduced to the menu, effectively giving Greggs a run for its money!

Reebok maternity wear

Appealing to expectant mothers everywhere, Reebok has launched a brand-new maternity collection that grows with your bump, removing the issue of having to keep buying pricy new clothes as your bump gets bigger, whilst also allowing soon-to-be mums to work out comfortably.

With flattering fits and material designed to flex with your body, the range includes the Lux Maternity Tight, with an elasticated waistband, making the product incredibly versatile, no matter how far along you are.

With numerous benefits out there for being active during pregnancy, the brand has hinted that further styles could be on their way, making it definitely worth squeezing your trainers on for.

Bad PR

Asda, Waitrose and Ocado recall

Bad news for Asda, Waitrose and Ocado this week following the announcement of the recalling of The Soupologie soups over fears of them being contaminated with deadly listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

The manufacturers, Soupologie, are urging shoppers not to eat the three flavours of soup involved, including the five-a-day classic tomato with carrot and red pepper, broccoli, pea and basil, and pea and leek.

In extreme cases the bacteria can cause life-threatening illnesses including sepsis and meningitis, so it makes sense that the product has been urgently recalled, however this does nothing to aid the reputation of its retailers. This isn’t the first time supermarkets have been forced to recall precious stock over fears of another outbreak, indeed the bacteria was the reason behind a mass recall of frozen veg, sparking questions over who is really at fault, the retailers of the manufacturers?

L’Oreal boss is slammed

In a social media crazed world, we’re no stranger to sharing our best sides online, however the boss of French hair and beauty giant, L’Oreal, has gone one step further.

Employees and customers alike have slammed Jean-Paul Agon after claiming that women should wear more make-up to keep up with their Instagram selfies.

The boss went on to exclaim how the makeup industry has benefitted hugely from the boom of social media, however many have called him out for being irresponsible and have accused him of placing unnecessary pressure on vulnerable young girls.

Agon further claimed that pollution was good for business as consumers are looking for more products to look after their skin, causing outrage amongst a number of environmentalists.

Twitter users have been sent into overdrive thanks to these controversial comments, with many taking to the social media platform to promote more environmentally conscious brands. The boss has been labelled as ‘greedy’ for attempting to make money off the back of young peoples’ insecurities, sparking a flurry of bad press for the cosmetic giant.

Written by Lauren WIlden, 10 Yetis. Seen any good or bad PR lately? You know what to do @10Yetis on Twitter or on email

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