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Good and Bad PR: Coronavirus, Lush, Hugo Boss, Jack Black and James Bond dominate the headlines this week

Good PR


With the threat and potential consequences of Coronavirus a common theme within the global media, everyone’s favourite high-street bakery Greggs has laid out plans for its members of staff on the incentives they would benefit from should they need to self-isolate in the coming weeks or months.

Boss of the company Roger Whiteside has come out to reassure staff that they will still receive their contracted hours in pay, even if it’s required that they self-quarantine in order to prevent the spread of the virus to others within the UK.

This announcement comes just days after the boss of Wetherspoons – one of the biggest employers in the UK – told its staff that they would only be eligible to claim statutory sick pay (around £118 per week) should they need to do the same thing.

There is an enormous amount of confusion and a lack of awareness surrounding exactly what British workers would be entitled to should the Coronavirus take a turn for the worse, and Greggs giving its staff a level of security and certainty during what is proving to be one of the most uncertain times in modern history is hopefully going to encourage others to follow its lead.


Sticking with the Coronavirus theme (because honestly what else are people even talking or thinking about at the moment?) with this little gem from the guys at natural cosmetics company Lush.

The high-street chain, which boasts outlets up and down the UK, is opening up its doors and inviting passers by to wash their hands for free to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus within the UK. All those taking the company up on its generous offer are under no obligation whatsoever to make any purchase whilst doing so, but you’ve got to hand it to Lush, what a fantastic way of increasing footfall to the stores during a national panic!

Hugo Boss

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Joe Lycett anymore, he goes and pulls off this absolute gem of a stunt and for a very good cause!

After hearing about global fashion and beauty brand Hugo Boss sending out cease-and-desist letters to a range of different small businesses and even charities using the word ‘boss’ in their branding, the comedian formerly known as Joe Lycett, decided to make an example of the company. Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire show earlier in the week, the comic justified his actions by claiming that the established fashion brand – which made £2.3 billion – was going to be costing the affected businesses thousands of pounds in legal and rebranding fees.

Bravo Mr Lycett. Bravo.

Bad PR

Jack Black

If you’d have told me last week that TV presenter – and husband of Tess Daly – Vernon Kay would be publicly outing Hollywood actor, singer and all-round funny-man Jack Black as one of the rudest celebrities he’d ever interviewed during his time working on T4, I’d have probably called you mad and SERIOUSLY random.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happened this week, after Kay gave an interview with The Sun stating that the Shallow Hal actor was an ‘arrogant c**k’ each of the four times he’d met him during the peak of his popularity, putting his vile behaviour down to either being his first or last interview of the day, or a good, old-fashioned hangover.

Clearly not bothered about the star hearing his opinions, Kay said that he hoped Black would see his comments, and learn a valuable lesson.

James Bond

It was announced on Wednesday that the release of the new James Bond instalment – No Time To Die – will be postponed until November 2020, after fears surrounding the Coronavirus (that’s right – ANOTHER story about it!) mean the producers no longer feel the original April release date is suitable when people in certain parts of the world are being encouraged to avoid large gatherings, such as movie premieres or cinema screenings.

Fans taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations have clearly been left heartbroken at the eight-month delay, with some calling the decision ‘insanity’ and others blaming the makers of the movie for causing unnecessary panic and generating additional headlines for the much anticipated film.

My biggest issue with this decision? Will Billie Eilish have to write and release a new song in time for 12 November? Because in all honesty I’m already a little bit bored of hearing the current one on the radio and in the office, and I don’t think I can take another eight months of it…

Written by Lauren Wilden, head of PR at 10 Yetis Digital. Seen any good or bad PR lately? You know what to do @10Yetis on Twitter or on email

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