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Good and Bad PR: Aldi bags great PR, unlike Nick Knowles and team USA

Good PR

Aldi bags
Last week, it was Waitrose doing its bit for the environment with its packaging-free produce trial, but this week Aldi has stolen the limelight.

The budget supermarket announced plans to replace all single-use carrier bags in its stores with biodegradable and compostable paper versions from the start of July.

Half of the UK stores will have the compostable versions of the bags throughout July (made from biodegradable Bioplast) costing 6p, whilst the other half will have the paper bags available to purchase at 19p.

At the end of July, the German supermarket giant will see which version of the bags was the most popular, to decide which will fully and permanently replace the current, eco-enemy plastic bags.

This is Aldi’s bid to reduce its plastic waste by what it estimates to be 1,300 tonnes per year.

With plastic pollution on everyone’s minds right now, brands are battling it out to offer the next best and biggest solution; and this is one instance where companies trying to one-up one another won’t be met with eye-rolls, but rather admiration and praise.

The Aldi bags story is everywhere this week, with the media quick to report on the initiative to make people aware.

Bad PR

Nicked Knowles
Nick Knowles, the man more known for making us all cry in DIY SOS, hasn’t had the best of weeks.

The presenter has been banned from driving after being caught on his mobile phone whilst behind the wheel. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he was speeding at the time and already had two other driving offenses.

It’s a six month ban and a £1.5k fine for Mr Knowles; and although he’s handled everything well in terms of his comments about his ban (telling the media that he now puts his phone in the boot so it’s not within reach and his punishment should be a lesson to everyone), it’s a less than ideal situation for a much-loved TV star to get themselves into.

As I see it, and the most awkward thing about this, is that using a phone behind the wheel (whilst speeding) is exactly the kind of reckless behaviour that can cause serious injury, harm or worse to others on the roads; and it’s usually people with severe disabilities, illnesses or bereavements that he seeks to help on DIY SOS.

Team USA
In other news, team USA in the Women’s World Cup football tournament has been slammed for celebrating too much in its 13-0 defeat over Thailand. Whilst the win broke records, becoming the biggest ever and one of the players matching the most goals scored by a single player in one game (five), the win was somewhat overshadowed on social media by the backlash the American players received.

People took to social media to share their opinions on the players’ bad sportsmanship, as their celebrations were still all-out even later in the game. When the game ended and the Thai players were exhausted and in tears, something didn’t feel right about the way team USA had handled their win.

With all eyes on the Women’s World Cup currently, it wasn’t a good look for team USA and the media coverage has flagged this up as an issue.

Written by Shannon Peerless, 10 Yetis @ShazzaYeti on Twitter. Seen any good or bad PR lately? You know what to do @10Yetis on Twitter or on email

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