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GoodandBadPR: A terrible week for Samsung

Good PR

Domino's Pizza is winning it for me in the good PR stakes this week – and it's not just because I ordered a takeaway on Monday night which was beyond delicious. If you've ever lived somewhere really remote, you'll be familiar with the pains of living outside of a pizza delivery catchment area. Our very own head Yeti Andy has this problem and I really do feel for him (hint hint, Domino's).

Well, the popular, pizza-delivery chain went above and beyond for a picturesque riverside village in Kent. Loose, in Maidstone, which is famous for its pretty waterways. Domino's announced that it would be trialing a new delivery service by canoe along the river.

Customers' pizzas would be delivered by a wetsuit-wearing delivery dude, whose delivery bag for the boxes has allegedly been tested for its floating ability, to avoid any soggy pizzas.

Something which makes the PR genius in this story even stronger is that Domino's will be donating to the Loose Conservation Trust which helps preserve the village's waterways. Nice touch!

A lady named Debbie Hayes was the first person to order a pizza that was delivered by canoe and she said, "It’s great living by the river, but it has always been impossible to get food delivered to our house so we owe Domino’s a big thank you for allowing us to have a night in." She even said that she plans to order one every day whilst the trial was taking place.

Now, do I think this canoe-delivery service is something that Domino's will continue offering beyond the trial? No, I don't. However, the stunt has done its job of generating some widespread media coverage in the likes of the Metro, TIME, Mashable, Daily Mirror, The Sun, local Kent press and plenty more. The Pizza Hut lot are probably thinking up how they can trail drone deliveries as I type this...

Bad PR

You know last week I gave good PR to Grand Theft Auto 5 for the mod that took a dig at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by letting players use it as an exploding weapon? Well, poor Samsung has not been having an easy time of it over the last week.

It's never ideal when you have a product that's prone to faults, but when that fault is that it tends to spontaneously explode, you've got a serious problem on your hands. After recalling the devices due to a series of well documented battery fires, a second recall had to take place when there was still evidence of dangerously worrying, or should I say explosive, issues with the replacements.

Samsung has now admitted defeat and decided to scrap the Galaxy line altogether, marking the end of an era for the brand. The Galaxy was Samsung's attempt to take on Apple in a serious way and it was even once dubbed the 'iPhone killer'.

The problems are thought to be linked to tweaks made to the device's processor, which aimed to reduce the time it took to fully charge. Consumer confidence in the brand is now surely going to be at an all-time low; I have to admit, my husband has a Samsung phone and I'll be keeping more of a close eye on it when it's on charge, even though it's not one that's prone to blowing up. In fact, I might just suggest he gets an iPhone.

The South-Korean technology giant has now slashed its profit forecast to £3.8bn for the third quarter, down by a third from its original estimate (although still not too shabby). Shares have fallen 8% and $20bn have been wiped off of Samsung's market value. It's going to take the brand a while to recover from this one.

Written by Shannon Peerless, 10 Yetis, @ShazzaYeti on Twitter

Seen any good or bad PR lately? You know what to do @10Yetis on Twitter or on email.

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