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Good and Bad PR: A good and bad week for vegans

If you’re as fed up with the awful weather as we all are here at 10 Yetis, you might want to consider sheltering from the torrential rain with this week’s dose of Good and Bad PR direct from Yeti HQ.

Good PR

Feminism in football

A seriously great piece of news for the footballing community and women in sport everywhere this week, as French football referee Stephanie Frappart becomes the first female to officiate in a major men’s European match.

On Wednesday 14 August, Liverpool will be taking on Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup in Istanbul, Turkey, and after taking charge of the women’s world cup final last month, Ms Frappart is clearly ready to take centre stage in front of a global audience and prove once and for all that when it comes to officiating a good and fair football match, gender shouldn’t be a barrier whatsoever.

The cool and collected referee seems to be keeping any nerves surrounding the big game she might have very much on the lowdown and has been quoted as saying she’s not afraid of the momentous occasion that will go down in history. Perhaps because this is a long time coming for the sport? Either way this will no doubt pave the way for a multitude of other female referees taking control of huge matches in the future.

Goldsmiths University bans beef

Goldsmiths University in London has made the decision to ban beef products and add a 10p levy to the sales of bottled water and disposable plastic cups to discourage their use on campus starting next month, and this news has made an impact and started an important conversation amongst many!

The decision has been made as part of a new drive by the university to become carbon neutral by 2025, and also involves the introduction of more solar panels and switching to a cleaner energy supplier.

Many people believe that climate change is an issue that requires urgent action and that it’s our responsibility as humans to try and cut down on the behaviours having a negative effect on the future prospects of our environment, forests and wildlife. Despite some condemning this drive as ‘over-simplistic’, one could also argue that as the generation soon to be shaping the future of our laws and culture regarding climate change, implementing such a strong stance amongst its student body Goldsmiths is helping to move the cause along and set an example for others to follow.

Dr Martens vegan gamble pays off

Profits at iconic footwear brand Dr Martens are up by 70% following the company’s decision to introduce a “vegan” range of boots that replaces the traditional leather with a synthetic polyurethane plastic alternative and account for 4% of the brands international sales.

A better digital presence can also be thanked for the huge spike in profits, as online sales have also risen by two thirds to £72.7m and accounting for 16% of total company revenue.

Bad PR

Pressure on porn industry

Ex-porn actress Mia Khalifa has branded the industry as full of ‘corporations that trap women into contracts when they are at their most vulnerable’ in a new interview slamming such globally known websites as YouPorn and RedTube.

Despite working within the porn industry for just three months over 2014/15, Mia has since become one of the most viewed porn stars of all time, but made less than £10,000 from the movies she made, and hasn’t seen a penny in royalties since, no doubt thanks to the contract she was naively forced to sign.

Up until now, the 26 year old has kept quiet on her controversial past career choices, but now says she’s ready to shed a light on every questionable moment from her past, because if she owns it, then it can’t be used against her.

Weight Watchers targets young audience

Looks like the PR team at Slimming World will be quietly smiling to themselves this week after Weight Watchers decision to target children as young as eight has been condemned widely as potentially triggering disordered eating amongst kids who are still growing and learning healthy eating and nutritional habits.

The Weight Watchers brands new app ‘Kurbo’ claims to help children reach a ‘healthier weight’ with a scientifically proven behaviour change programme. Yet experts in eating disorders, doctors and even such celebrities as Jameela Jamil are highly critical of something that could potentially breed an obsession with image, weight, the number on the scales and calorie counting.

When you take into account the fact that admissions to hospital for children and teenagers with such illnesses and anorexia and bulimia are art their highest levels ever, and that 41 of the 2,196 patients admitted to hospital suffering from disordered eating in 2017/18 were aged just 10, this seems like a pretty irresponsible move by Weight Watchers.

McDonald’s makes epic vegan blunder

As a restaurant offering a vegan range of food when you’re primarily associated with meat-based products, you could argue that serving chicken to a vegan customer is pretty high up there on the list of blunders your staff could make.

Well guess what McDonald’s has done?

That’s right, Jack McMillan from Basildon was shocked to take a bite into his vegan ‘spicy wrap’ this week and find that it contained chicken breast. The 26 year old has been vegan since 2013, and was understandably upset with the turn of events.

Despite being given an apology from the fast-food chain, and offered a £10 goodwill gesture, Jack thinks this would’ve happened before, and thinks it’s likely to happen again to an unsuspecting non-meat eater.

Speaking to the Metro, he said:

“I think McDonald’s and similar companies offering these options need to get their act together. If you are not competent enough to train to staff to realise that the “Spicy Veggie One” should not contain chicken goujons then stop serving the options!’

Written by Lauren Wilden, 10 Yetis. Seen any good or bad PR lately? You know what to do @10Yetis on Twitter or on email

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