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Good and Bad PR: A food dominated good PR week but bad news for Range Rover

Good PR

A piece of Reese’s
Reese’s, the brand which brings you Reese’s Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups, has launched its own take on the Creme Egg; the Peanut Butter Creme. Instead of being filled with a creamy fondant that looks like an egg yolk, it is full of creamy peanut butter.

Being sold in packs of five, people on Twitter are going into meltdown; either wanting to get their hands on some or because they taste as incredible as they look.

The downside? It’s only available in America. Just when you get your hopes up, you start planning how many you’re going to buy and eat in one go, your dreams are smashed. Americans don’t realise how lucky they are to get everything before anyone else!

A solid idea
Keeping with the Easter theme, there is a new launch available in the UK that may take your interest: a solid chocolate egg. Yep, solid. Not thin and hollow like we’re used to – where we eat an egg and are left wanting more.

The Solid Chocolate Company’s solid chocolate egg is available on Amazon for £24.99, is made up of 42 pieces of chocolate – almost in a jigsaw puzzle fashion – and comes in four flavours; dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with caramel and white chocolate. Yum! 

Kreme knowhow
That leaves just one final, delicious brand left to mention; Krispy Kreme.

Apparently, we here in the UK struggle to understand that Krispy Kreme is spelt with two Ks and people regularly refer to them as “Krispy Cream” and “Krispy Creme” – those who get it right often find themselves confused over the pronunciation. So, to help the confusion, they’re re-branding in the UK to “Krispy Cream”.

I mean, I do kind of get why it is doing it, but considering it launched in the UK in 2003 I don’t get why it’s an issue all of a sudden, 14 years later. That being said, it’s getting us talking about it, it’s going to help those confused to pronounce it better, and ultimately it’s not going to change the taste of its incredible, mouth-watering doughnuts.

Bad PR 

Rover rage
A graffitied Range Rover has appeared outside a Land Rover dealership in Mayfair, warning people to stay away from Range Rover, that it cheats and lies, and that the car is not fit for purpose.

The car belongs to Indian diplomat, Dev, who is currently travelling abroad. He’s owner the car for 10 months and claims he’s had nothing but issues with it. 

Whilst Land Rover is trying to work with Dev to resolve any issues and get the car removed, as it’s damaging the brand, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be moved any time soon. Dev is even talking about hiring a film studio, inviting the media along and burning the vehicle live on camera.

It is worth noting, however, that something similar happened last year when a graffitied Range Rover was parked outside Harrods in London with the word “Cheater” plastered over it. This turned out to be a PR stunt (and an amazing one at that). This could well be another stunt, although I’m calling poor creative form if they’re running the same stunt two years in a row.

Written by Samantha Summers, 10 Yetis

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