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Good and Bad PR: England's Euros loss, Trump's narrow escape, Kate's Wimbledon welcome

After the euphoria of hope that swept the nation following on from Labour’s landslide victory, the football team brought us all down to earth again. Welcome to this week’s Good and Bad PR.

Football’s not coming home again

A lacklustre end, to a lacklustre tournament from a lacklustre England team. Yes we got to a final (via the easy route), yes we found a few potential replacements to the England old-guard but, boy did we thoroughly underwhelm the audience and fans.

Remember how we sang about “thirty years of hurt”, well that is now up to fifty-eight. Southgate has gone bring on the revolution. Bad PR for the English performance at the final.

Trump assassination attempt shoots share prices up

There is absolutely no room for violence in politics. I was flabbergasted when I woke up and saw the news about Trump being shot.

I got in a certain amount of bother over on everyone’s favourite whiney platform, TwitteringX, for saying that the iconic images following the shooting will be instrumental in Trump winning come November. I stand by what I said: it will be the equivalent of a 'war-bounce' that so many other politicians have benefited from over the years. It will help Trump win, and almost immediately, it started a wider ripple of positives.

One of the upswings for Trump is the value of his Truth Social platform went up almost as soon as it happened. Presumably because so many people set up an account just to see his response first hand. More sign ups means more ad revenue potential.

The other industry to benefit is crypto-currency. Trump appointed JD Vance as his running partner and he is known for being very pro-crypto. Trump’s popularity bounce means the crypto sector thinks it is on the up, and as such values have soared.

There is no doubt, Trump handled the situation very well. It showed what an astute political operator he is. Despite being shot in the ear, he had the wherewithal to harness what happened and realised the opportunity that lay ahead to benefit from it.

At the other end of the Trump news cycle, Sticker Mule

I really wanted to ignore this story because I just don’t get the fuss. However, I can safely say I've never had so many people get in touch, asking me to out this company.

I can’t convince myself to give Sticker Mule Bad PR, maybe a bit more of a Meh PR. What did it do you ask? Well, its CEO Anthony Constantino fired out a missive supporting Trump but also, as I read it, calling for a non-violent election campaign.

Sticker Mule have some massive customers, such as Nike, Netflix... you get the drift, they're a big deal. Social media commentators reckon they lost nearly 20k followers on Instagram because of the missive. That said, the original IG post has nearly 35k likes.

It all feels very Protein World to me. As in, a planned outrage campaign that garners lots of noise and we all know that Google loves that (cough, media links). If Google loves you, rankings jump and sales increase.

I had a quick look at Google Trends and data to see how it had affected them in terms of links and traffic. 

It has gone through the roof. A badly presented message maybe, but bad PR? probably not.

Princess of Wales wows at Wimbledon

The Princess of Wales has had a topsy-turvy few years in the media. She stared down the accusations surrounding William and her mate. She then had the humiliation of some internet WAGs fabricating stories that he loved nothing more than pegging (out the washing, I presume. Odd hobby).

All of this on top of the Markle-Media-Machine churning out brickbats against her and her family. The cancer announcement had to be the absolute low but the outpouring of love from the public must have given her a huge chunk of positivity to cling on to.

The positive outpouring came out again this week, thanks to her appearance at middle-England’s favourite sport, Wimbledon. As she took her seat she was greeted with a huge standing ovation, and you could tell it really moved her.

Great PR for the muggles and a lovely PR lift for her. Nice one Princess Kate, the country loves you and wishes you only good things.

Written by

Written by Andy Barr from 10 Yetis. Got it right or wrong, I am not overly concerned but do feel free to let me know on the TwitteringX, @10Yetis

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