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Why is there a talent crisis in public relations?

Location: 10 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7NG
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Price: £185

Why attend this event? There is a talent crisis in public relations. Every senior communicator identifies the recruitment of enough and appropriately skilled talent and one of their top business challenges. But why is recruitment such a problem in PR? And what are the solutions to this crisis? This event will examine the causes and potential solutions to PRs recruitment problem.

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Registration, coffee, croissants and networking



Chairpersons introduction
Ben Smith, Founder, PRmoment


Part 1: The problems



Why is career development neglected in public relations?
Heather Yaxley, Lecturer, Bournemouth University

  • Insight from PhD research on “Career Strategies in Public Relations”
  • The problem with traditional thinking about careers
  • Untangling the realities of careers in public relations
  • Churn and other mid-career challenges
  • A new tapestry approach to career development
  • Crafting an inclusive professionalised career design


What does public relations' current talent crisis look like?
Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA and Chief Executive, ICCO

  • Is recruitment the single biggest factor limiting the growth of public relations?
  • Which skill competencies are the most difficult to find and retain talent
  • Which sectors are the most difficult to recruit in?


The skill competencies required by agencies in modern public relations
Loveday Langdon, HR Director, Hotwire

  • How skill requirements in public relations have changed
  • Why PR firms are now looking for different types of people
  • Why do PR firms find recruitment difficult


Part 2 - The solutions



Does training help any more?: A fireside chat between Sarah Hall, Future President, The CIPR , Heather Yaxley, PhD, Bournemouth University and Ben Smtih, Founder, PRmoment


Networking break



What is the solution for PR’s talent shortage?

A selection of insights into a range of innovative schemes designed to increase the breadth of talent in public relations

Quick fire presentation and Q&A format:



Returnships - helping (parents) return to work in marketing, media and communications
Amanda Fone, ceo,  F1 Recruitment and Jane Fordham, Executive Director Marketing & Talent, Golin

  • The Learning's from F1 and Golin's Returnship scheme
  • How to encourage skilled candidates back to work
  • How the Returnship scheme connects recruiters and parents returning from a career break


Increasing the diversity in public relations
Why increasing the number of BAME graduates working in public relations is one of the solutions to the sectors recruitment crisis
Sarah Stimson, Chief Executive,Taylor Bennett Foundation

  • Insights, results and ideas from The Taylor Bennett Foundation programme to provide a fast track fro BAME community to a career in public relations


The gender pay gap: Why eliminating the gender pay gap in public relations is one of the solutions to the sectors recruitment crisis
Shelley Facius, Past Vice President of WPR, Head of Corporate and Technology, Ruder Finn


Panel: Recruitment trends - what works, what doesn't, what might work…A discussion of recruitment techniques that work and don't work in public relations - from psychometric tests, 5 stage interviews, to groups presentations and lots in between...

The HR Perspective: Loveday Langdon, HR Director, Hotwire
The Agency MD’s Perspective:
Stephen Waddington, Partner, Chief Engagement Officer, London, Ketchum 
The Communications Director’s Perspective: Chris Talago,VP PR & Communications JAPAC & EMEA, Oracle


Chairpersons closing remarks



Buffet lunch



Close of conference  


This event is worth 20 points
towards the PRCA CPD