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What do PR professionals need to know about SEO?

Location: Hill+Knowlton Strategies, 20 Soho Square, London, W1A 1PR
Organiser: PRmoment Conferences
Price: £300 + VAT for a full day's training

Course Trainer: Nick Garner, Head of Search, Unibet
Capacity: 15 people
Location: Hill & Knowlton, 20 Soho Square, London, W1A 1PR
Course requirements: You will need to bring your own laptop for this training, Wi Fi will be provided

Course objectives

  • Understand the basics of SEO and how it helps your PR activities
  • Understand how to plan PR content and strategy with SEO in mind
  • Learn to execute the SEO part of your PR plan
  • The outcome: Execute more effective PR projects by leveraging SEO properly.


Introduction: SEO basics (with PR in mind)
Planning: Where to put your content and how to link it
Action: Activation of your PR / SEO campaign and how to keep momentum
Refinement: How to build bigger, better campaigns and make SEO a process

This is a foundation course on using SEO in your PR campaigns. From here, you will be able to structure your PR projects so they are integrated with the search engine optimization.

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9.15am  SEO basics: The core concepts:
  • How search engines work
  • What signals do search engines use to rank you
  • How PR activity affects search engine rankings
  • How social media activity affects search engine rankings
  • How to find your keywords: tricks, tips and free tools
  • On site optimisation (SEO housekeeping for your site): Meta tags, Index-ability, Keyword density, Content themes
  • Why incoming links are the single most important part of ranking

Planning: Content, keywords, sites to target, placement of links

  • Content themes for your PR campaigns
  • The keywords that matter to you
  • Deciding which sites you should target: Press release distribution sites, Blogger outreach, Twitter and or Facebook or the established online media
  • What are the best quality sites possible in both PR and SEO terms?
  • Why the type of content you produce is vital for your SEO performance
 11.30am Coffee Break  
 11.45am Action: Activation of your PR / SEO campaign and how to keep momentum
  • How to co-ordinate the building of the different elements of your SEO campaign
  • Understanding how much time and resource your SEO campaign will need
  • Maintaining momentum and keeping your activities on track
  • What are the indicators that tell if your SEO campaing is working?
  • Why you should always have a ‘plan B’
 12.30pm Lunch (light lunch supplied)   

Refinement: How to create bigger SEO campaigns and how to make your SEO campaign into a process

  • How can you to scale up your SEO campaigns?
  • How to organise your SEO outreach campaign efficiently
  • What tools are available for free and what do you need to pay for?
  • How to monitor your activity
  • What are the signals that tell you something isn't right?
 2.15pm Competitor analysis: Learn from your competitors and reuse what works
  • How to use the the footprint of a competitors successful campaign
  • How to understand what ideas you can re-use
  • Understand which sites you can pitch for content and link placement
 3.00pm Coffee break  
 3.15pm Exercise: Putting it all together with a small campaign
  • Identifying the right keywords
  • What level of resource will be required
  • Identifying the right mix of SEO activities
  • Setting the objective The expected result
  • Measuring and reporting on the SEO objective
 4.15pm Tools & Resources

At the end of the day you get:

  • Suite of free SEO tools with advice on how they are useful to you
  • Blogs and reference sites to read up on
  • All the teaching notes
  • SEO cheat sheets
  • Ongoing email support for a month after the course if you have any questions or need advice on SEO/PR campaigns
 4.30pm Home time!  

Thanks to Hill and Knowlton for hosting this seminar