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The Evolution of Purpose: From Talk to Action

Location: This will now be a virtual event using specialist event hosting software Intrado
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Price: £155 + vat Early-bird £190 + vat Normal

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9.00am We suggest delegates log in during this time to check their connection etc.  
9.15am Chairpersons introduction
Ben Smith, Founder


Why you must not confuse purpose with corporate philanthropy
John O'Brien, EMEA Managing Partner, Omnicom's ONE HUNDRED agency

  • Why purpose should be at the core of an organisation
  • How a business can define its purpose
  • The history and evolution of company purpose - from Cadburys, Boots and Lever Bros to present day
  • How Milton Friedman's economic principles shaped business principles to follow profit first objectives from the 1980s to the noughties - ultimately leading to the financial crash



ASICS: Renewing its founder purpose 70 years on
Caroline Fisher, Communications Director, Championing Movement for Mind, ASICS

  • How ASICS was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka to bring hope and optimism to people in post war Japan
  • How ASICS translates from Latin to mean "a healthy mind in a healthy body"
  • Why ASICS has a philosophy and a role, more than a purpose
  • How ASICS’s credible, relevant and distinctive philosophy is helping to drive preference
  • Why getting your internal purpose right first is crucial
  •  Why proof of purpose and action is key
  • How partners can help to mobilise your purpose


Using research to develop and activate a social mission

James (JT) Turner, founder and CEO, delineate


Coffee break


Can brands survive without purpose in the ‘new’ normal
Giles Peddy, SVP EMEA, Lewis Global Communications


Why purpose can help businesses navigate the Covid-19 crisis

A conversation with Kathleen Enright, Managing Director, Salterbaxter

Interview by Ben Smith, Founder,


Chairpersons Closing Remarks



Please note:
Unlike many other PR conferences, none of our speakers pay for the privilege of speaking. They are all chosen by our editorial department because of their expert opinion. We do this because we believe that if delegates are paying to attend a conference, there is a conflict of interest if the speakers have paid to speak.

Also, just to reassure you, PRmoment does not share delegate details with any third parties.

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