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Storytelling: The role of public relations as a content provider

Location: London
Organiser: PRmoment
Price: £185 + VAT
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The address for this seminar is: 35-41 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX


I love PRmoment events. They’re perfectly formed, tackling important issues, with excellent content and speakers. The set-up is great – a full morning of quality presentations, a bit of networking and you’re back in the office with half the day still left. And the speakers are strong – a combination of ‘big names’ and new faces. I’ve stopped looking at the topic and line-up now, I just book. Because I know that attending a PR Moment event will be a morning well spent. Highly recommended.
Richard Fogg, Managing Director, CCGroup


8.30am Registration, coffee & croissants
8.55am Chairperson's Introduction
Ben Smith, Founder, PRmoment

An Evolution From Messaging, to Narrative to Storytelling
Denise Kaufmann, Partner, CEO, Ketchum London

  • How has brand storytelling evolved?
  • How can you take a brand narrative and create stories?
  • How to make your story engaging
  • Who owns the story – and does it matter?
  • What makes a story shareable?

The Importance of Influencers in Telling Your Story

Adam Parker, Founder, Lissted

  • The roles influencers play in storytelling
  • What really makes someone influential?
  • How to identify relevant influencers
  • Why listening to the right people is crucial when crafting your story

The Story You Don’t Want to Hear…
Dave Stevens, Marketing Director, British Land

  • 5 Reasons why good marketing is not about good story-telling
  • Where this story-telling fad really came from
  • Why it won’t all end happily ever after
10.35am Coffee and informal networking

Three: Telling the Story of a Challenger Brand
Hugh Davies, Corporate Affairs Director, Three

  • How a challenger brand must create the story, not just tell it
  • Why you must work with marketing and the brand teams to determine the story
  • Why a mix of long term and short term stories is important
  • How making strategy interesting is the name of the game
  • How to co-ordinate and plan the storytelling cycle of a large organisation like Three

How eBay Changed their Story
Clare Moore Bridger, Head of Corporate Communications, UK, eBay

  • What do you do when your story, the essence of what brought you fame and fortune, changes?
  • How do you retain your heritage as well as landing a new narrative?
  • How has eBay done this with its 'new eBay' retail and technology story over the past few years

Should have gone to Specsavers: Using Memes to Engage Consumers in a Fun and Entertaining Way
Tim Langlois, Digital Marketing Manager, Specsavers

  • How to use memes and news themes to engage consumers in a fun and entertaining way
  • The sign off process: Why speed is very important
  • How awareness of Specsavers has increased since this campaign began
  • Why brand communications must become more agile and embrace risk

MH370: Storytelling in a Crisis Situation
Chris McLaughlin, Senior Vice President, Inmarsat plc

  • The art of storytelling is as old as society and digital has changed nothing
  • Why in a complex and changing story, like MH370, you must not get ahead of the story
  • How Inmarsat told a narrative while not crossing into fantasy
  • How the thirst for content, created by the 24 hour news agenda, must be balanced against the need for clear, factual information
  • Where lives are lost, there is nothing more damaging for a brand than to use that to commercial advantage
1.00pm Chairperson's closing remarks
Ben Smith, Founder, PRmoment
1.05pm Lunch and informal networking  
2.00pm Close of conference