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Social Media in B2B Communications

Location: 35-41 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX
Price: £185 + vat

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The address for this seminar is: 35-41 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX

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8.45am Registration

Chairperson's introduction
Ben Smith, Founder and MD,


From channels to networks: How good content finds its own audience
Nick Masters, Head of online, PwC

  • The role of content in building communities
  • The importance of relevancy in content
  • Is content a driver of engagement?
  • How important is engagement as a pre-curser to purchase in B2B markets?


Experian’s approach to social in B2B markets
Nishma Shah, Head of PR, UK&I, Experian

  • The challenges of managing a social media strategy across a global company
  • How Experian’s approach to social media has grown organically
  • Which social media channels work the most effectively in B2B markets?
  • Which content works most effectively in B2B markets?
  • What social media guidelines Experian have for staff?

How to leverage influencers within B2B markets
Nicolas Chabot, VP Europe, Traackr

  • How to find influencers within your business sector and geography
  • The use of influencers to optimise your content marketing strategy
  • How to generate leads through an influencer program

Joined up social: The integration between sales, marketing and customer services
Stephen Waddington, European Digital and Social Media Director, Ketchum

  • Why B2B organisations should integrate their sales, marketing and customers services functions
  • The role of social as a business development tool
  • The effect of social and content on SEO
  • The importance of Google for PR professionals
  • The impact of Google’s latest updates and Google+ on B2B communications
10.50am Networking coffee break  

Capgemini as a B2B Storyteller
Tom Barton, Head of Communications, Capgemini

  • How is Capgemini creating content from its people through its Expert Connect campaign?
  • What are the SEO advantages of B2B brands producing content?
  • Has the Expert Connect campaign created sector specific communities?
  • How has Capgemini tracked leads from Expert Connect into the sales pipeline?
  • How has the Expert Connect scheme been translated to international markets?
11.50am Embedding digital across the Department for Business, Innovation & SkillsBetony Kelly, Head of Digital Outreach, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
  • The most important conversations about your business will not happen on your website  - business must embrace social and digital media
  • The challenges for a government department communicating digitally across a wide range of subjects
  • Why digital communications must appreciate the sophisticated needs of business
  • The challenges of retaining an engaging and personal approach to B2B communications
  • Case study: A review of the digital elements in the "Business is Great Campaign"

How to use Google Analytics to understand the effect of your PR and social media efforts on sales
Andrew Smith,  Director, escherman

  • How to understand the difference between the direct and indirect impact of your PR and social campaigns
  • How can B2B firms maximise the lead generation impact of their website?
  • How to understand the contribution that PR and Social content makes to your website and sales
  • How can you plug demographic and other data into Google Analytics to increase your understanding of customer behaviour
  • Top tips for utilising the power of Google Analytics in B2B markets

Creating a social culture: A people centric approach to social
Paul Thomas, Head of Social, Grant Thornton

  • Why empowering employees to engage with social is important for B2B brands
  • It’s not about rulebooks: How to create a culture of sensible behaviour for employees within social
  • How to encourage employees to be dynamic and engaging in their social media conversations
  • Understanding how social media fits into the new B2B business pipeline
  • Understanding how social engagement merges into client relationships
  • Educating staff and what it means for them if they are not on social
  • Case study: How Grant Thornton's graduate recruitment scheme is now run by recent graduates exclusively through social media
1.15pm Chairperson's summary
Ben Smith, Founder,
1.20pm Informal networking and Lunch  
2.00pm Close of conference