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Public Relations is Changing: Why the power of PR has never been so great

Location: Ketchum Pleon, London
Organiser: Conferences
Price: Tickets from £155 + VAT

PR is changing. The power of public relations is greater now than at any other time. The proliferation of media, the 24 hour news cycle and social media has meant the power and importance of PR is huge.  This conference looks at how brands are managing their communications in 2012 and how PR teams are adapting to this new world.

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Ketchum Pleon
Fourth Floor
35-41 Folgate Street
E1 6BX London
United Kingdom

The nearest tube station is Liverpool Street. Bank tube station is about a 15 minute walk away.

The directions from Liverpool Street Station:
Turn left out of the Bishopsgate exit at Liverpool Street Station.
Walk for approximately 5 minutes until you see Folgate Street on the right.
Turn right onto Folgate Street and walk for approximately 3 minutes.
Ketchum Pleon will be on the left.

Here is a map of the venue.

Testimonials from previous PRmoment Conferences:

"From my personal perspective, it was one of the best conferences I've attended, with a really relaxed and open atmosphere." Betony Taylor, Media Relations Manager, HSBC

"An excellent range of speakers delivering top value, plus first-rate 'on the day' organisation - actually running to time. I learned a great deal from the real-world experiences shared." Magnus Carter, Chairman, Mentor Consultancy


8.30am Registration, coffee and croissants  

Chairperson's introduction
Jane Wilson, CEO, CIPR


PR's relationship with the C-suite

When communication becomes essential: lessons from the financial crisis
Alistair Smith, Corporate Communications Director, Retail and Business Banking, Barclays
  • In easy times, PR is a facilitator, but in a crisis, it become vital
  • How the financial crisis has highlighted the importance of PR to the C-suite at Barclays
  • Why 24 hour news and social media means that PR is now a 24/7 task, with high risks and massive rewards

How important is media relations in PR today?

Is the role of the journalist dead? Now that anyone can be a journalist, should brands be the publishers of news and their own content?
Betony Taylor, Manager, Media Relations, HSBC

  • How has the rise of citizen journalism and 'open news’ changed the way brands work with the media?
  • Are traditional media structures in decline?
  • How are brands creating a news-centred approach to journalist relations to ensure they penetrate the media?

SEO: The impact of PR and Google+ on search

Why Google+ is a bigger opportunity for PR than Facebook
Nick Garner, Head of Search, Unibet

  • Why Google+ is the glue that Google will use to stick the internet together
  • What will a Google+ profile mean for your search engine results?
  • How Google+ circles will affect your search results
  • Why Google+ and search will have a greater impact on your sales than Twitter and Facebook combined
  • Why content is vital for brands to improve their search results and Google+ circles communities
10.30am The Leadership Communication Monitor: A seven-part blueprint for leadership success
Rod Cartwright, Director, Global Corporate Practice, Ketchum
  • A global crisis of leadership - what the world is telling us about leaders and how they are viewed
  • Effective leadership and effective communications - the inextricable link
  • The very real challenges for social media and brand communication
  • A seven-part ‘blueprint for leadership success’ - action, communication and presence
  • The opportunity AND responsibility for public relations

Informal networking break


The power of PR has never been so great

PR is simple don’t overcomplicate it; know your product range, anticipate consumer demand and create stories around your products

Helen Dickinson, Head of Communications, John Lewis

  • Why the proliferation of media, the 24 hour news cycle and social media means that PR has lost control but gained power
  • Why John Lewis’ PR results in a massive increase in sales
  • How John Lewis uses seasonal variations and the news agenda to create stories around its products
  • How John Lewis links sales to PR activity
  • Why you need specialists within your PR team – press officers may not make great social media people (and vice versa)
11.55pm Using social media to facilitate behaviour change and increase the BBC’s audience

Case Study: Why hashtags and Twitter are bringing UK television viewers together again
Paul Mylrea, Director of Communications, BBC
  • Why Twitter and Facebook have changed the way people watch television
  • How immediate audience interaction has changed the nature of the BBC’s relationship with its audience
  • How has social media impacted consumers’ consumption of broadcast media
    What are the implications of this audience engagement for the promotion, publicity and reputation of the BBC’s television programs?
  • How the BBC, despite a 25% cut in budget, has used social media to more effectively promote its programs

How PR professionals can use data to ensure they reach the right audience
Chris Bunyan, Senior Associate Director and Anna Salter, Client Service Consultant, Kantar Media

  • How to plan your PR campaign using data to ensure you reach the right audience
  • Why integrated communications require integrated measurement
  • How to use the metrics of reach and frequency to measure the success of a PR campaign to a specific audience
  • The language of the marketing director: Why PR must should use reach and frequency as evaluation metrics
  • How to benchmark your communications performance against your competitors using data
12.45pm Developing and building a PR team for 2012

Why investment in training and the development of your PR team is crucial to increasing your communication performance

Joe Hanley, Director, External Relations Europe, IBM

  • PR as a business development tool: How publishing high quality content enhances IBM’s brand and creates online communities around their target audiences
  • How IBM’s PR team has developed its outputs to ensure it is matching the demands and language of the C-suite
  • Why there is a direct correlation between increasing the skills of the PR team and IBM’s social media performance
  • Why training and development has been critical in improving the integrated marketing campaigns at IBM
1.15pm Chairperson's closing summary
1.20 pm Lunch and informal networking
2.00pm Close of conference