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PR in a Digital World Conference

Location: Ketchum Pleon, London
Organiser: A PRmoment Conference sponsored by Ketchum Pleon
Price: Only £175 + vat

How much digital knowledge do PROs need?
How can digital and communication professionals work together?
How has digital media changed the way that PR operates?
Make sure that you understand the pace of this change and make yourself aware of the latest case studies of PR being successfully utilized in the digital sphere.

To answer these questions, attend this event

If you attending PR in a Digital World on Thursday, 22nd April here is a map to the location

The venue address is:

Ketchum Pleon
34-41 Folgate Street


If you are having problems booking this conference, or wish to book your ticket by phone please call 01962 888113.


8.30am Registration and morning refreshments
Including croissants, tea and coffee

Morning Chair's opening remarks

Stephen Doherty, Director of Communications, Diageo

  • Has digital media changed PR? 

What digital content does use to communicate with its customers?

Ian Williams, Director of Communications

  • What is the feedback from users on
  • Are they users or readers?
  • Does the printed press still have a role to play?
  • What are the lessons in communicating digitally with consumers?

How do consumers search for content online, and what are the implications of this for PR professionals?

Justin Gale, World Wide Digital Strategy Manager

  • Why do PROs need to understand how consumers search for content?
  • Who owns online search – users or the brand?
  • How are consumers searching for content now?
  • What does live content mean for your brand?
10.35am Morning coffee and informal networking

Case study: Drinkaware's - What's Britain Drinking this Christmas Campaign

Ben Butler, Digital Marketing Manager

  • How the campaign captured the imagination of the public
  • Why online was the perfect medium for this campaign
  • How PR and marketing worked together
  • How the digital campaign created printed media coverage
  • What were the take outs from the campaign?

How can PROs use Social and Digital Media to maximise the effectiveness of their communications strategies?

Fernando Rizo, Head of Digital Content

  • What does digital PR mean for your brand?
  • What are the quick wins in digital media?
  • How can I integrate my online and offline campaigns?
  • Surely using digital media means that PR can finally prove its ROI?

How is the media adapting to the digital world?

Nick Allan, Head of Communications

  • The age of mutualisation: Journalists used to be the authority but we now live in the world of interactive journalism
  • How has The Guardians' relationship with their readers changed?
  • How has online affected the way journalists work?
  • What are the implications of paywalls for online media consumption?

Return on Investment - How to measure ROI in Digital Media (including Social Media)

Sandra Macleod, Group CEO

  • How to measure and evaluate the coverage of blogs and online media?
  • How to evaluate the impact of social media
  • How to measure the ROI of PR in a digital world

The Launch of Microsoft Windows 7 - A world wide integrated digital communications campaign involving PR, advertising and all elements of the communications mix

James Tutt, PR Manager

  • What were the different content strategies used to gain traction with different areas of the media?
  • What lessons were learnt from previous Windows launches?
  • What social media engagement was there prior to the launch?
  • What were the objectives of the launch?

Chair's closing remarks and close of conference

Stephen Doherty, Director of Communications, Diageo

Buffet lunch and informal networking


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Contact: If you have problems booking this conference, or require further information please call Ben Smith on 01962 888113, or email

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