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PR and TiKToK

Location: Online
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Price: Free

Why attend?: TikTok has quickly become the dominant media brand for the under 24 age group but what are the opportunities for brands on the platform. Find out at this event…

How it works: Please register via Eventbrite using the button below, you'll be sent the log in details for the virtual event 48 hours before it starts. We’ll be hosting this webinar on On24.

Please note all attendees will be sent a recording of the presentations after the event.


3.45 pm

Chairperson’s intro
Ben Smith, founder, PRmoment

3.55 pm

Ecommerce trends: How TikTok moves consumers down the funnel
Vanessa Kennedy, business development director, Meltwater

4.05 pm

How to use TikTok to drive search trends
Phoebe Russell, director, Rise at Seven

  • The correlation between TikTok, search trends and e-commerce revenue

  • TikTok's algorithm: Understanding how to appear in TikTok search results

  • How to plug in your TikTok content strategy to search trends

4.25 pm

Why Tiktok is such a valuable channel for PR professionals
Dana Hanna, creative, Ready10

  • Why anything could go viral

  • Which brands are doing TikTok well

  • How you can jump on Tiktok trends to get coverage

  • How to use Tiktok as a powerful tool for audience insights

4.45 pm

Case study: How The Institute of Physics used TikTok to increase the diversity of GCSE Physics students
Mark Cooper, partner, Gerard Kelly & Partners

  • Which influencers were targeted and what content did they create?

  • What were the results across TikTok?

  • How did the campaign target both students and their parents

  • How did TikTok drive wider coverage of the campaign?

5.05 pm

How brands can win on TikTok
Olivia Blairman, head of activation, Coolr

  • Don’t make ads, make TikToks!
  • Successfully launch a brand onto TikTok and reach your desired audience
  • Leverage the power of the algorithm and organic content on TikTok
  • How can you use creators and influencers on the platform?

5.25 pmCase Study: The World Health Organisation's (WHO) Protect Your Hero Tik Tok Campaign

Fiona Uwagwu, head of social and content, Ogilvy Uk

How a campaign targeted at Gen-Zers helped to drive behaviour change during COVID, that would encourage them to abide by COVID rules and stay at home

5.50 pmClose of event

This event is worth 20 points
towards the PRCA CPD

Thanks to Meltwater for partnering with us for this event