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PR and Instagram: What’s the opportunity for business?

Location: Online webinar
Organiser: PRmoment Events
Price: £40 + vat

Themes: What kinds of organisations does Instagram work for? Should you build your own channel or partner with influencers? How should brands use Reels, Stories and the Insta Feed? Find out all these things by attending this webinar.

How it works: Please register via Eventbrite using the button below, you'll be sent the log in details for the virtual event 48 hours before it starts.

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All delegates will be sent a password protected recording of the event and the speaker slides post the event


4.00 pm

Intro and Welcome
Chairperson introduction, Ben Smith, founder PRmoment


4.05 pm

Why are 40% of the Top 100 brands on Instagram?
Steph Bennett, UK managing director, Battenhall

  • Why Instagram is the most in-demand social network
  • How to create a content strategy for Instagram
  • Which type of brands have success on Instagram and why

4.30 pm

How brands can partner with influencers on Instagram
Danny Whatmough, managing director, Red Consultancy

  • Has Instagram become an influencer only channel?
  • Why “Whitelisting” has changed the game for brands on Instagram
  • How to use influencer content to power your brand’s channel
  • Why Instagram is a direct sales channel for simple transactions at a low price point
  • Why you must think about the passion points for your audiences
  • Why the days of follower building on social media are over

A breakdown of the Instagram content opportunities
Thom James, managing partner – social and influencer, One Green Bean

  • From Reels, to Stories to the Feed - what it means for content creators
  • When do brand channels work on Instagram?
  • How can brands build an audience on Instagram
  • What’s the benefit to brands of building an audience on Instagram?

5.30 pm

Instagram: When effort outweighs impact
Imogen Coles, influence programme director, Ogilvy UK

  • The world loves Instagram. Clients love it more. But is Instagram always the right channel to be investing in?
  • Has Instagram gone too mainstream and lost its edge?
  • Format Fatigue? Is Instagram becoming the catch-all social network? Where should brands spend their time in 2021?

5.55 pm

Close of event