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Does PR need more geeks?

Location: 116-120 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DP
Price: Free

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The address for this seminar is: 116-120 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DP


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5.30pm Registration

Chairperson's introduction
Ben Smith, Founder and MD,


Why Science is the new Rock 'n' Roll: Is PR a science or an instinct?
Mark Borkowski, Founder,

  • Is PR a Science or an Instinct?
  • Other disciplines are breaking down but is PR being bold enough?
  • Why PR planning by data is useless without a creative personality to drive it
  • Bringing the numbers to life: Why PR must use technology to engage people through content
  • Do PR Geeks get to do the strategy, or just the implementation?

The Anti-Creative: Why numbers are more important than creativityAlex Aiken, Executive Director, Government Communications

  • Public relations needs more data
  • If PR people want to sit around the board room table we must have robust insight information and be able to show impact
  • The days of the polished PR exec are over - Modern PR people must be able to write code and collaborate with influencers online
  • The most successful PR campaigns change behaviour - only data can drive this
6.50pm PR geek chic: From responsive design, to Klout score, to Google hummingbird. The language of PR would be unrecognisable to a PR pro 2 years agoAdam Cranfield, Head of Marketing, Mynewsdesk
  • The role of real time content in public relations
  • The importance of influencer data in campaign planning
  • Are we all just working for Google?
  • The geeks toolbox: What works?

The path to specialisation: The need for geeks in PR
Matt Neale, President International, Golin Harris London

  • Why PR is now about producing content with “creative technologists”
  • Why do PR agencies need more geeks?
  • What are geeks doing in PR agencies?
  • How technical implementation has become a USP of today’s modern PR agency
  • How nimble and real time client contact structure of PR agencies is better suited to technology implementation than management consultants or ad agencies
8.00pm Chairperson's summary
Ben Smith, Founder,
8.05pm Informal networking with food and drinks
9.00pm Close of conference

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