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The cost of losing your reputation conference

Location: 322 High Holborn, London, WC2A 1PB
Price: Tickets from £155 +vat

If you have problems booking this conference, or require further information, please call on 01962 832542 or email Our offices are open 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Please note we can also take credit card bookings on our booking hotline number 01962 832542.

322 High Holborn, London, WC2A 1PB, United Kingdom

Testimonials from previous PRmoment Conferences:

"A big thank you for the conference today. This was my first PRmoment event and I have to say I am very impressed. All the speakers offered really great insights from a variety of angles, without straying from the main subject. I would definitely attend another PRmoment course and recommend them to colleagues and connections." Rebecca Lee, Chillisauce

"Thank you for organising a terrific conference. I hate conferences which are usually a load of old codgers telling each other how great they are. This was a genuine "you don't know what you don't know" moment for me and I've already made arrangements to work with two of the speakers to improve my agency." John Williams, CEO of Mason Williams Communications



Registration, coffee, croissants and informal networking


Chairperson's introductionDominic Morgan, Managing Director, Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting

The role of communications as a bridge between an organisation and the outside world

Guy Middleton, Head of Corporate Communications, Three

  • What are the opportunities in modern society for brands to build influence, trust and advocacy?
  • What is the impact of consumer experience and consideration sets for brands and product categories?
  • How can the corporate communications team increase trust in an organisation?
  • How should comms teams be structured and integrated to ensure they are an effective bridge between the business and the outside world?

Is trust purely a relative measure for brands?

Anthony Frost, Head of Corporate Communications, Santander

  • What is the correlation between having good product and a trust score?
  • If trust is a relative measure, do organisations just need to have a slightly better trust score than their competitors?
  • Is consumer trust meaningful? For example, trust scores that indicate a temporary website blackout will affect a brands trust score more than money laundering accusations!
  • Trust is a complex emotion – there are different levels of trust in business. For example, consumers trust banks to look after their money but they don’t trust bankers

Building a reputation from ash

Simon Millson, Group Head of Corporate Affairs, British American Tobacco

  • The reputation journey of British American Tobacco – the past, the present and the future
  • How to build trust in a controversial industry
  • What does trust mean to British American Tobacco?
  • How BAT have created a brand story around ethical farming and sustainability
  • Profit versus trust: why reputation is important to British American Tobacco
10.45am Networking coffee break  

How can brands track their trust score?

Marcus Gault, Managing Director (Insight), Precise

  • What is a good trust score? And what is a bad trust score?
  • How can a trust score be defined and how is it measured?
  • What is the impact of a trust score to a brand's customers, share price, sales and employees?
  • What evidence is there that good communications improves a brand's trust score?
  • What are the core factors that affect the reputation of a brand?

Leadership deficit and disillusionment: the ongoing leadership crisis and the role of communication in helping restore confidence

Rod Cartwright, Global Corporate Practice Director, Ketchum

  • How are different categories of leaders performing in the UK and globally?
  • Who is cutting it on accountability and long-term thinking?
  • Does disillusionment in leaders actually matter?
  • Which sectors are blazing a leadership trail?
  • Who are the most credible corporate ambassadors and which generation of leaders is in the hot-seat?
  • What are the attributes that allow corporations to be viewed as trusted leaders?
  • What is the formula for leadership credibility – now and in the future?
  • Where does communication fit in to the restoration of confidence in leaders?

What is the cost of losing your reputation?

Mark Westaby, Director, SpectrumInsight

  • When a brand's reputation is damaged, what effects can this have on its business?
  • What emotion spectrum do stakeholders have towards brands? And what are the implications of these emotions for reputation managers?
  • Is there a correlation between reputation and a company’s market capitalisation/profitability?
  • How long does it take to regain lost trust?

What does trust mean for eBay?

Steven Heywood, Senior Press Officer, eBay

  • Trust through the customer’s eyes
  • What does trust mean to eBay
  • What brand protection steps do eBay have in place
  • What are eBays's internal building blocks for turst
  • How does eBay articulate trust to consumers
  • How does eBay drive shared commitment throughout the value chain
  • The role of issue based horizon scanning
  • How organisations can recover
1.10pm Chairpersons closing remarks  
1.15pm Close of conference