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How Should Brands Prepare for a Social Media Crisis?

Location: Ketchum Pleon, Central London
Organiser: Conferences
Price: £180 + VAT

How would you respond to your customers and wider stakeholders if your product or service failed? The speed and immediacy of social media has changed the game from a crisis management perspective. PRmoment has put together a program of prominent communications experts to answer the question: How Should Brands Prepare for a Social Media Crisis?

Do you understand how your organisation should respond to a social crisis? How can brands use social media as an early warning system? How do you tackle negative sentiment online? Learn how to use social media as a customer relations tool in a crisis situation, and how to use it as a media relations tool in a crisis too.

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Ketchum Pleon
Fourth Floor
35-41 Folgate Street
E1 6BX London
United Kingdom

The nearest tube station is Liverpool Street. Bank tube station is about a 15 minute walk away.

The directions from Liverpool Street Station:
Turn left out of the Bishopsgate exit at Liverpool Street Station.
Walk for approximately 5 minutes until you see Folgate Street on the right.
Turn right onto Folgate Street and walk for approximately 3 minutes.
Ketchum Pleon will be on the left.

Here is a map of the venue.

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8.45am Registration, coffee and croissants  
9.10am Chairperson's Introduction

How can brands prepare themselves for a Social Media Crisis?
Bob Barker, Marketing Director, Occam-dm


Case Study: HSBC’s social media response to a 4 hour cash machine outage in December 2011
Betony Taylor, Media Relations Manager, HSBC

  • The Timeline: What happened and how did HSBC’s response calm a potential social media storm?
  • What social media channels did HSBC use to communicate with its customers?
  • How were such a large volume of customer queries dealt with so quickly?
  • Why the speed of the response was crucial in reassuring customers
  • What were the main learning points from the incident?

How can you put together a social media monitoring tool to enable you to respond to a social media crisis?
Kristin Wadge, Director, Metrica

  • Why should companies monitor the social web? 
  • How should you organise your social monitoring processes and what might they look like?
  • What channels do you need to measure to create an effective early warning system?
  • What are the signs that your response is working? Or not working?
  • Big brands need a social media monitoring system – but do SME’s?

Post the London riots -  Crisis Recovery:
How Camden Town Unlimited developed an App to promote the benefits of Camden and build community confidence
Simon Pitkeathley, the CEO of Camden Town Unlimited and Jay Sorrels, Head of Digital, Frank PR

  • Why an App was chosen as a the right channel to promote Camden
  • What was the content of the App - how does it highlight the benefits of Camden?
  • How is the local community involved?
  • What are the objectives for the App?


How do you use social media to engage stakeholders in chronic and forgotten crisis - the role of social media in international development
Kate Nicholas, Chief Communications Officer, World Vision

  • How social media is changing the NGO and community dynamic in the developing world
  • The power of social media to give the most disadvantaged people in the world a voice and to make life changing connections
  • How one global NGO is seizing the potential of social media to drive change for good
11.05am Networking coffee break  

What does the perfect crisis response team look like?
Jo-ann Robertson, MD Corporate and Public Affairs, Ketchum Pleon

  • What is the skill set required for a social media response team?
  • How many people should be in a crisis response team?
  • What is the role of scenario planning in social media crisis response?

What does a social media crisis cost a brand?
James Ainsworth, Community Manager, Alterian


  • How far does public opinion shift in a PR crisis and how long does it take a brand to recover?
  • How do the social media responses of Dominos, Nestle and United Airlines compare?
  • How does a social media crisis affect a company’s share price?
  • How a brand’s response to a crisis can affect how quickly their positive sentiment recovers
How brands can create great content on owned media
Clare Moore-Bridger, Communications Manager, eBay
  • How can a brand create great content on owned media platforms?
  • Why owned media channels are an ideal forum to communicate with stakeholders
  • How an owned media channel can help identify potential problems
  • How to keep corporate blogs relevant -  how to regularly create interesting and sustainable content

O2’s social media response to technical outagesEmma Hart, Head of O2 Press Office

  • Why 02 now regards social media as the most important channel in its crisis response
  • How the press office and the social media team work together in a crisis
  • How do 02 communicate with customers through social media during a network outage
  • How using a mix of social media channels is vital to ensure a reassuring response
  • Case study: 02’s use of social media during a network coverage failure across South London (due to a break in at a network centre)
1.05pm Chairperson's closing summary  
1.15pm Buffet lunch and informal networking  

Close of conference




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