Wonga speeds up its PR drive this week!

Wonga has just released 12 ‘portrait’ film clips in an attempt to outweigh the negative headlines circling the media this week. The money lending firm is due to face MPs, along with its competitors, to discuss their high interest rates and lack of transparency in their advertising. The market leader teamed up with Bafta-nominated director, Gary Tarn to produce the ‘emotionally’ focused short films. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EUaP_lOFoq0&list=UUSp8Szwu-rqepcMy8Nz091Q Wonga’s chief operating officer, Niall Wass has also been doing the rounds promoting the ‘portraits’ and debating the negative claims the company has been facing. He told BBC’s News Night yesterday: “The ‘12 portraits’ are an attempt to dispel myths. The 12 portraits represent 1 million active customers……The silent majority’s voice has not been heard.” But, I wonder, why have the other millions of unhappy Wonga customers not been addressed in these clips? So, regardless of motive and untold stories, do we think director Niall Wass has sold his soul to the devil? Or could this be a form of genuine brand storytelling?

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