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Your PR Primer: Will Twitter Spaces eclipse Clubhouse? Global Business Ethics report and an analysis of BK's IWD fail

🛸 Will Twitter Spaces eclipse Clubhouse?

I've featured Clubhouse several times recently and am excited by the possibilities of social audio for public relations and corporate affairs, but I'm not yet convinced that it will be Clubhouse. Twitter Spaces is set to launch in April and will be a much better app, on Android and iOS and has a huge user base to make connections and discovery of interesting discussions much easier.

Stuart Bruce

Research and reports

🌍 Global Business Ethics report - Ethics and Compliance Initiative

The Global Business Ethics Survey Report 2020 only covers 10 countries, but is still a data source on ethics and compliance that's useful for corporate affairs, public relations, communications and public affairs professionals.

How to and tips

🧙 Magicians' tactics found in politics and marketing - BBC News

Is public relations a science or an art or as a former boss used to say we've got the science of public relations down to a fine art. Maybe it's time for a rethink as this article explores the similarities of the tactics employed by magicians as those used in communications and marketing. It's actually not surprising as what both are doing are using behavioural psychology.

Digital and social

📻 Twitter Spaces to launch publicly next month, may include Spaces-only tweets | TechCrunch

Twitter Spaces is Twitter's social audio rival to Clubhouse. Twitter has confirmed that its invite only beta which only started late last year will get its public launch in April. Despite nearly being a year old Clubhouse's app remains rudimentary and it still hasn't managed to release an Android version, which means it excludes 75% of smartphone users. In contrast, Twitter's pace of development is much more impressive. It's already a much better experience as it has features such as live subtitles and reactions, neither of which should be hard but Clubhouse still can't manage.

I've written a lot about Clubhouse recently and almost 20,000 people have looked at my Guide to Clubhouse for Public Relations and Corporate Affairs. I think social audio has lots of potential, but I'm not yet convinced Clubhouse will be the winner. There are more than 30 social audio apps and start-ups and while Clubhouse has the hype it needs to launch Android quickly, make discovery of interesting rooms a lot better and improve the in-app experience if it is to stay in front.

Case studies

👸 Burger King's International Women's Day fail

International Women's Day is now a feeding frenzy of companies and brands jostling to prove their commitment to equality. One of the more high profile fails came from the UK division of Burger King which tweeted "Women belong in the kitchen." quickly followed up by an explanatory follow-up tweet which said "We are proud to be launching a new scholarship programme which will help female Burger King employees purse their culinary dreams."

Predictably the (now deleted) misogynist tweet got most of the attention rather than helping to draw attention to its scholarship programme, which was the misguided intent.

It provides another opportunity for me to wheel out my reminder that one of the most valuable skills for a public relations professional is to be the doom monger identifying the potential risks before embarking on creativity for the sake of it.

🚣Holidays with Harry on Insta

Holidays with Harry might only have 2,371 followers, but it has already attracted the attention of BBC radio. You can follow Harry Styles' travels and listen to the interviews on Instagram. It's doing a great job of promoting Black Country tourist attractions and locations.

Written by PR Futurist Stuart Bruce, founder of Stuart Bruce Associates. If you spot any stories for next week’s PR Primer Round-up then send them to @stuartbruce or



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